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FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes)
    Newcomer Susan, tall, tan and glisteningly wet from her shower, makes her wrestling debut as she tangles with exotic Holly.  Not enough clothing here to mention, just a teeny g-string and see-thru lace panties and bra.  Holly's bra is soon ripped away as she is over ...
FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes)
    You've all asked for complete reality . . . We've delivered... Now, we take you one step further.  This fight is out of control.  The scene opens on the newest Starlight Fighters, Brandi and Cherise, sharing a shower.  After toweling off, Brandi slips on her...
FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes)
    Elsa, our lusty Latin spitfire, nicely dressed in a cream colored mini dress arrives home early from a business trip.  Elsa is totally unaware that in the very next room is Shelly (Elsa's new husbands mistress).  Shelly, dressed to kill in a black see-through lace te...
FB-110 "CREAM ON ME"  (33 minutes)
THIS IS DEFINITELY THE GOOIEST, CREAMIEST, AND MOST SENSUOUS FOOD FIGHT IN HISTORY !     Three sensationally gorgeous girls dressed in cocktail dresses, garter belts, silk stockings, and high heel pumps prepare for a large banquet.  Ultimately a battle erupts and their expensive...
FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes)
IT WAS A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING.....     This mini movie opens with Elsa, our blushing bride being congratulated by her best friend Goldie. During the conservation, Elsa learns from Goldie that the wedding reception is being catered by Shelly, the ultra busty, ultra bitchy, and...
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    This dynamic video opens with dark haired and erotically built Mary Jane making her wrestling debut with Noelle, an experienced cat fighter, who has built her upper body into an awesome sight!  Mary Jane, short on knowledge but long on desire, uses pure determination as her o...
FB-125 "DOUBLE PUNISHMENT" (52 minutes)
    This special interest "Mini-Movie" will provide you with the bizarre as you view the exciting and erotic topless catfight that becomes a contest to determine who will receive "Double Punishment".  Voluptuous Lisa gets into a heated argument with her new ro...

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