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SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes)
    Savage Video, with our own high quality broadcast equipment, has produced our first nude catfight shot entirely in our own studio by our own cameras.  The exquisite beauty of the participants is recorded as never before in what is probably the most vivid color and sound ...
SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes)
"Featuring Belinda Bell (owner Steel Kittens) completely nude !"     Only a man could drive these two glorious beauties to the heights of jealousy that you will see in this non-stop nude riot.  Powerful Pam has it out with willowy Debbie, a blonde with perfect pro...
SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes)
    This super sexy DVD features 45 minutes of the fiercest nude struggles ever filmed with the last fight being a five girl messy free-for-all.  In the first brawl, our popular Pam is awakened in bed by the statuesque Kelly, who returns after a night with her roommate&...
SV-23   "FIGHTING FELINES"   (60 minutes)
    Blonde Melissa is lounging in her red and white striped leotards when her roommate Belinda Bell appears in a striking white dress.  Money is the root of all evil as it seems Belinda has gambled away all the rent money.  A violent bare-assed battle erupts as these tw...
SV-24   "ROOMMATES"   (62 minutes)
    This DVD begins with Lisa, Pam and Linda discussing the fact that they are such good friends and roommates that they never have had an argument.  They wonder what would happen if they did argue and the dream sequence of all three fights follows.    &...
SV-25   "RING RISQUE"   (68 minutes)
     Lovely blonde newcomer Michelle encounters petite Bridgett in a gym setting, and the two shapely vixens soon climb into the wrestling ring in their high heels and minis to settle an old score.  Michelle rips Bridgett's dainty white mini right off of the curvy body a...
SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes)
    The wildest all nude DVD ever offered to the public..."Natures Naughty Nudes" features strong sensual she-wrestling shot in outdoor and apartment locations, capturing the best of strained, tormented and humiliated bodies in the fiercest fighting you've ever...
SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes)
    The first battle features statuesque dark blonde Beth in blue shorts and a white top lounging on the beach by a stranded catamaran.  As the well built beauty starts to recline on one of the pontoons, Dianne reaches the scene in pink workout bottoms and a grey tee-shirt. ...
SV-29   "HOT TUB FEVER"   (42 minutes)
     This three battle DVD features three exotic melees in a California Hot Tub.  We think you'll find these nude romps different from anything else you've ever witnessed.  All shot in beautiful color and shocking sound.     The first s...
SV-30   "SAND WITCHES"   (44 minutes)
     This all-nude release shows three glorious battles between all five of our "Savage" sweeties.  Never in the history of this type of fighting has the action ever been captured in so precise and close-up of character.  You'll marvel at the DVD and ...
SV-101   "DESTRUCTION of a DAME"   (30 minutes)
SAVAGE VIDEO is proud to present a "home produced" 30 minute DVD of extreme high action featuring two very beautiful women in an all out apartment house struggle.  Starting out fully dressed, these exquisite women are out to ravage each other's bodies.  Clothes are rippe...

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