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GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes)
     Almost a full hour of outdoor hot oil action including a segment with partial nudity!  First, gorgeous blonde Sue, in a violet bikini, tangles with svelte and blue bikinied Nancy.  These two slip and slide in our outdoor oil pit, and the intense struggle drapes bot...
GGC-132   "JUST DESSERTS"   (58 minutes)
     This one hour DVD starts with a thirty-five minute battle around a huge dessert table.  Three beauties, blonde Sue, husky Leslie and willowy Jill get into a violent argument in an apartment house setting.  While Sue manages to keep her undergarments on, the ot...
GGC-20   "COMBINATION MATCHES"   (45 minutes)
     Three spectacular matches are captured by our three camera technique on our new Broadcast Quality Equipment.  First, Sue and Leslie tangle in a bruising two out of three fall pro-type match. Leslie, in a tiny white string bikini, arrives in the ring in a white body stoc...
GGC-202   "SWEET TREATS"   (50 minutes)
     Start with three beautiful girls....  Creamy QUICHE, Erotic LYN-MARIE, and Cute KERRY....  Add some gooie foods like macaroni, ketchup, coleslaw, and other gourmet delights, topped off with sweet pastries and chocolate syrup....  And what do you have?.... &nbs...
GGC-25   "HOT OIL WRESTLING"   (61 minutes)
   GOLDEN GIRLS is proud to present the newest rage in female combat. "HOT OIL WRESTLING"!  The matches were held in our mud pit but the girls battle it out covered with transparent oil instead of mud. You have never witnessed anything to compare with the sensuous spect...
GGC-40   "FIGHTING FANTASIES"   (50 minutes)
    First newcomer and curvy Jill slops it out with Leslie in the mudpit and later in the DVD they return in a catfight rematch.     Next, our two raven haired beauties, Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight and are interrupted in their des...
GGC-7   "BATTLING BABES"   (35 minutes)
     Actual sounds of combat bring the terrific quality of our video camera into your living room.  First Leslie tangles with Vicky in an apartment house match that leaves the loser completely beaten.     The mud match that follows is a magnificent event...
FB-110 "CREAM ON ME"  (33 minutes)
THIS IS DEFINITELY THE GOOIEST, CREAMIEST, AND MOST SENSUOUS FOOD FIGHT IN HISTORY !     Three sensationally gorgeous girls dressed in cocktail dresses, garter belts, silk stockings, and high heel pumps prepare for a large banquet.  Ultimately a battle erupts and their expensive...
FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes)
IT WAS A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING.....     This mini movie opens with Elsa, our blushing bride being congratulated by her best friend Goldie. During the conservation, Elsa learns from Goldie that the wedding reception is being catered by Shelly, the ultra busty, ultra bitchy, and...
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