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GGC-201   "BODIES BEAUTIFUL"   (53 minutes)
     This DVD features two unusual matches released only on our Bloopers DVD (GGC-88).  The first match is an amusing lingerie battle featuring Sue, Elsa, Denise, and Kim in an apartment house setting.  You can't help but see the humor in this meant - to -...
     This first match features Pam -vs- Sally in a very heated battle.  They twist and strain their sweating bodies as one bare breasted beauty is intent on choking the life out of her opponent. The fully exposed gladiators administer many agonizing holds to each other until...
GGC-217   "BAD GIRLS"   (58 minutes)
     This spectacular match begins in a living room setting as three friends (Jill, Monica, and Pam), relaxed in skimpy bikini's, realize they aren't bosom buddies after all.  Accusations fly as two beautiful blondes gang up on the slender brunette.  Total domin...
GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes)
    This heated match starts in a living-room setting as Sally (MISS 1989 U. S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), accuses Jill of doing an unspeakable act.  Soon, two beautiful bodies in skimpy bikinis collide as a one-sided cat fight erupts with many wrestling holds as well as well...
GGC-223   "DOMINATION DELIGHT"   (60 minutes)
     This DVD features two domination bouts with six battling beauties. First giant Alisa, in a black bikini, and her friend Karla, in black spandex and T-shirt, against petite Dawn, in a bikini. Karla caught Dawn breaking into Alisa's car and heaves Dawn into Alisa...
GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes)
     This DVD features three fights. The first fight is an apartment battle between Denise, in a red bikini, and Shelly, in a breast popping Hawaiian print bikini. Denise is angry because Shelly forgot to let the cat out and proceeds to stomp her ass, wrapping her powerful t...
GGC-39   "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (61 minutes)
     First, Sue and Leslie engage in a thirty minute apartment house melee as the undergarments go flying.  This match features vivid color and wild action and Sue looks devastating in her red bra and black panties.  Leslie really works over the brash blonde and the end...
GGC-54   "FELINE FURY"   (50 minutes)
    If catfighting is your wish, then these three brand new releases should whet your appetite.  In the first battle, beautiful blue clad blonde Robin trades feminine battle with fiery Latin Elsa in a tough ring match. The dislike each girl has for the other is quite evident...
GGC-7   "BATTLING BABES"   (35 minutes)
     Actual sounds of combat bring the terrific quality of our video camera into your living room.  First Leslie tangles with Vicky in an apartment house match that leaves the loser completely beaten.     The mud match that follows is a magnificent event...
GGC-85  "SPECIAL INTEREST"  (60 minutes)
     This new DVD contains three matches of unusual nature.  Two of them were fought as custom matches for different collectors and all three offer different aspects of female fighting.  The first match takes place in our ring between blonde Robin, in a gold mini-d...
GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes)
    Two full hours of Golden Girl bloopers.  We decided to release this special DVD of never before seen matches and scenes because the action is outstanding.  First featured is a six girl tag team with Spice, Kelly, Leslie, Debbie, Nancy and Elsa with Noel as refe...
GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes)
     The requests for apartment house catfights have been overwhelming, and we are proud to present topless action in the boudoir like you have never before witnessed. The body builder Spice enters the scene with roommate Elsa, all prepared to show off her powerful body in a cont...
FB-101  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (52 minutes)
    Two beauties sunbathing in a secluded backyard soon discover their personalities clash.  Sultry Elsa doesn't back off to anyone and to her surprise, neither does Sheri.  Can these girls fight?  You bet they can.  You'll agree when you see this all-out, ...
FB-102  "BLAZING BOOBS"  (52 minutes)
    Two close friends, Trish and Holly are sun tanning in the backyard when suddenly the relationship grinds to a halt when the conversation erupts into a wild melee.  Tiny bikini tops are ripped off as bodies spill from blanket to grass. They fight like two she-cats in...
FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes)
    Newcomer Susan, tall, tan and glisteningly wet from her shower, makes her wrestling debut as she tangles with exotic Holly.  Not enough clothing here to mention, just a teeny g-string and see-thru lace panties and bra.  Holly's bra is soon ripped away as she is over ...

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