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GGC-88 "BLOOPERS" (120 minutes)

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GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes)
GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes) GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes) GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Spice, Kelly, Leslie, Debbie, Nancy, Elsa, Sue, Kim, Noel
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    Two full hours of Golden Girl bloopers.  We decided to release this special DVD of never before seen matches and scenes because the action is outstanding.  First featured is a six girl tag team with Spice, Kelly, Leslie, Debbie, Nancy and Elsa with Noel as referee.  Two of the girls end up topless in this wild match.  We blooped because we tried a two camera shoot and the color isn't evenly balanced between the cameras.  You won't probably notice it though, as the action is wild.
    Then we have a hilarious tag team match with Sue, Leslie, Nancy and Kim.
    The rest of the DVD features priceless moments of Golden Girl fighting previously edited out or never shown. There's nudity in a wild party in a hotel suite with one girl becoming a toss salad. There are comic cuts and near tragedies and matches stopped because a girl got hurt after only a few minutes.  To the real collector this will become a priceless bargain of two hours of Golden Girls bloopers.

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