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GGC-128   "RUSSIAN ROULETTE"   (59 minutes)
     This one hour DVD highlights three contests with the second and third ones featuring topless combatants.  In the opener, former champion Elsa, in a form fitting blue bikini wrestles Mindy, the Russian beauty.  Mindy wears a red mini bikini and the color matche...
GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes)
     Four matches on this one!  First Belinda and Jill enter the ring with long dresses, hose and garter belts in an unusual topless battle.  Jill, in a pink dress, soon has busty Belinda's gown around her waist and the fight continues with silky garments used to ch...
GGC-150   "CUSTOM CLASHES"   (50 minutes)
     Two unusual custom matches filmed for individual collectors will provide you with the bizarre in this special interest film.  First, Sue in a yellow bikini faces Pam in black as both girls wrestle the entire match in high heels! Handicapped by their spiked heels th...
GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes)
    This brand new topless DVD features a glamorous ring fantasy fight and an exquisite blonde newcomer in a desperate bare bosomed battle.  Our "Dynasty" fantasy shows big busted Shelly meeting slim Kim in a dressing room and arguing over a mutual boyfriend named ...
GGC-173   "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (55 minutes)
     Three totally different bikini bouts are included in this brand new release.  We introduce to you in match #1, Kona the Barbarian .  Kona enters the squared circle with a blonde slavegirl , who prepares her for Kona's bout with Stevie .  Kona's magnifi...
GGC-205   "BUST BELTERS"   (50 minutes)
     This is the DVD everyone has been waiting for.  BOXING AT ITS BEST.  A locker room interview introduces our two beautiful newcomers.  The fight begins with the fiery auburn haired Karla who's temper lets nothing stand in her way as her presence is not...
GGC-217   "BAD GIRLS"   (58 minutes)
     This spectacular match begins in a living room setting as three friends (Jill, Monica, and Pam), relaxed in skimpy bikini's, realize they aren't bosom buddies after all.  Accusations fly as two beautiful blondes gang up on the slender brunette.  Total domin...
GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes)
    This heated match starts in a living-room setting as Sally (MISS 1989 U. S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), accuses Jill of doing an unspeakable act.  Soon, two beautiful bodies in skimpy bikinis collide as a one-sided cat fight erupts with many wrestling holds as well as well...
GGC-223   "DOMINATION DELIGHT"   (60 minutes)
     This DVD features two domination bouts with six battling beauties. First giant Alisa, in a black bikini, and her friend Karla, in black spandex and T-shirt, against petite Dawn, in a bikini. Karla caught Dawn breaking into Alisa's car and heaves Dawn into Alisa...
GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes)
    This DVD has many contrasting matches. The first match was shot for a collector and is certainly a special interest match.  Sue, in heels and white bikini, battles the Masked Mystery Woman, attired in black from head to foot. The contrast between the Black Monster and sweet Sue is...
GGC-29   "BARROOM BRAWL"   (35 minutes)
     This great DVD features a hot oil wrestling sequence in a California night club.  Kim and Elsa are introduced to the audience and Kim does her sexy strip act prior to the bout.  Next Elsa arrives and does a dynamic belly dance for which she has become famous i...
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GGC-85  "SPECIAL INTEREST"  (60 minutes)
     This new DVD contains three matches of unusual nature.  Two of them were fought as custom matches for different collectors and all three offer different aspects of female fighting.  The first match takes place in our ring between blonde Robin, in a gold mini-d...
FB-108 "TOPLESS TAG AND TERROR" (52 minutes)
    This DVD has two slam bang matches. One featuring our strongest, bustiest brawlers in a topless turmoil and the other starring four California tanned, breast barred beauties in an action packed tag team. Lisa, starts out in a pink and white French cut out suit and is immediately s...
FB-114  "GUT REACTION"  (29 minutes)
    This super sexy, super violent video will capture the hearts of all you wrestling and boxing fans. Three gorgeous she-cats are featured in this bare fisted body punching extravaganza! The battles start out with svelte newcomer Amy, donned in the skimpiest G-String bikini, and beau...
FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes)
IT WAS A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING.....     This mini movie opens with Elsa, our blushing bride being congratulated by her best friend Goldie. During the conservation, Elsa learns from Goldie that the wedding reception is being catered by Shelly, the ultra busty, ultra bitchy, and...
Based on 1 reviews.

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