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GGC-139   "MIXED MEANNESS"   (49 minutes)
     These two mixed handicap matches just shot in the Golden Girl's Gym will leave the mixed match fans breathless.  Because pound for pound we feel that most males have more muscle content in their bodies, we decided to match diminutive Mike against two similarly weigh...
GGC-187   "MIXED MANIA"   (30 minutes)
     By popular demand we now present to you two exciting mixed matches.  In the first, Mike returns for retaliation after being smothered by Belinda's bare breasts in GGC-139.  Belinda looks tough and ready as she lets Mike know he's in for a good fight.  ...
GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes)
     If domination is your game and violence is your shame, then this DVD will delight you!  The first bout features a mixed match which can't be compared to any other.  Wild Kim, clad in a seductive black mini skirt and muscle shirt, totally dominates poor Sha...
GGC-209   "MIXED FANTASIES"   (47 minutes)
     MAN -vs- WOMAN  is the oldest and longest enduring battle in the history of the World.  Man is more heavily muscled, however the female species is born with a raw savage determination and unpredictable mind.     First, is a mixed battle with S ...
GGC-29   "BARROOM BRAWL"   (35 minutes)
     This great DVD features a hot oil wrestling sequence in a California night club.  Kim and Elsa are introduced to the audience and Kim does her sexy strip act prior to the bout.  Next Elsa arrives and does a dynamic belly dance for which she has become famous i...
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GGC-3  "BOY-vs-GIRL"   (65 minutes)
    For mixed match fans -- The first match is between Spice, attired in a red French cut suit and handsome Ralph. You will be amazed at Spice's knowledge and domination.     The second match features Leslie and Kurt and is another all out struggle with a beaten loser. ...
GGC-40   "FIGHTING FANTASIES"   (50 minutes)
    First newcomer and curvy Jill slops it out with Leslie in the mudpit and later in the DVD they return in a catfight rematch.     Next, our two raven haired beauties, Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight and are interrupted in their des...
GGC-41   "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (39 minutes)
    This DVD is for mixed match fans only and we've combined our three latest mixed matches on one great DVD.  In the opener buxom Beth is matched against handsome Jim and both male and female taunt each other in the Golden Girls's ring.   Both man and woman inf...
GGC-80   "MIXED MISERY"   (35 minutes)
     After many requests we now present to you two sensational mixed matches.   Mike, the referee of GGC-78's tag riot goes to the mat himself against two of Golden Girl's finest.  A fine amateur wrestler himself, he shows both girls holds they have never s...
GGC-97   "MIXED MISERY"   (32 minutes)
     Mike does battle with two of our most powerful girls in this exciting feast of mixed misery.  In the first bout he takes on Renee, of the powerful frame and huge chest.  The buxom blonde flies all over the ring in her pursuit of the smaller male, as Mike counters w...

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