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GGC-40 "FIGHTING FANTASIES" (50 minutes)

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GGC-40   "FIGHTING FANTASIES"   (50 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Jill, Leslie, Elsa, Vicky, male intruders, Robin
Price: $21.00

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    First newcomer and curvy Jill slops it out with Leslie in the mudpit and later in the DVD they return in a catfight rematch.
    Next, our two raven haired beauties, Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight and are interrupted in their destruction derby by a male intruder, who ends up having to wrestle both beauties at once.  Vicky tries her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee.
    Next our "California Girl" blonde Robin takes on two separate men in a mixed maul.
    In the final match, Jill and Leslie battle each other in a sexy cloth ripping fight that ends with one girl completely nude.  This DVD has a vast variety of matches and should satisfy everyone's taste.


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