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                                   ABOUT GOLDEN GIRLS

    Golden Girls was initiated in July of 1981 by a group of enthusiasts and participants who felt that production of female fighting films and tapes needed a shot in the arm. The potpourri of people in the business ranged from professional matches to all nude models flopping around in a semi-porno staged match. Most offerings were of models who posed holds for a few seconds and films were spliced together. Amateur girls are offered who keep headlocks on opponents for half the film but offer no action.
    So our idea was to recruit the most beautiful girls in the Holly­wood area who would wrestle for fun, for money and because of their own competitiveness. Some had been taught by pros, some wrestled in mud-matches in nightclubs, and some had no experience at all. Several girls appear in Films such as "The Jazz Singer", "Stripes", "All the Marbles" and in TV shows like "Love Boat", "Chips", "Today's FBI" and others. They are truly athletic and fiercely desirous of furthering their own careers. To match them against each other makes sense. We'll let you judge the results. We've been featured in television productions nationally of "PM Magazine", "Hollywood Closeup" and ABC's "Eye on Hollywood".
    To obtain the best possible results, Golden Girls has acquired its own production studio and gymnasium, where a pro ring, mud pit and apartment setting are all available along with the highest broadcast quality equipment available. As a result we fell that our matches are held under the best conditions possible and each new video shows the constant improvement in our product.
     Finally, our girls really battle. No predetermined winners but plenty of exhausted and battered losers. The most beautiful girls available with a variety of experience, but each one learning more from match to match. Our intention is to offer an ever improving product that will satisfy, once and for all, the discriminating female fight enthusiast.

                                                  ABOUT OUR DVDs
    Shot with broadcast quality equipment our Videos are produced under studio conditions. Available in brilliant color and true sound in either DVD or Blu-Ray format. The sounds as well as the sights of these fierce battles are available to you as if you were really there. There is no transfer of film to tape as others do, and everything you see is shot as it actually happens.


                                             ABOUT FEMALE COMBAT
     Female combat, especially wrestling, is as old as written history. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the story of the Amazons, women have battled men and each other since time began. The competitiveness of women cannot be subdued and will go on forever.

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