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GGC-102   "FATAL FE M M ES"   (61 minutes)
     Another four match spectacular of over an hour's worth of the finest and sexiest battling ever, with three more topless battles.  The first match features blue bikinied Spice in a brutal battle with the voluptuous blonde star of our last supplement, the beautiful Re...
GGC-107   "DOMINATION DERBY"   (51 minutes)
     One of the most unusual DVDs we've ever offered contains three sexy topless encounters with full domination by one girl over the other.  In the first match the gorgeous blonde body of Sue is matched against the dominant Belinda.  Sue, in a white mini and h...
GGC-133   "MASKED DOMINATION"   (54 minutes)
     If domination is your game and you enjoy one girl entirely brutalizing the other, then this DVD will become your all-time favorite.  First Leslie, in a small eye mask battles tiny Jill, all dressed in a tiny white bikini and sparkling jewelry.  Leslie just abo...
GGC-205   "BUST BELTERS"   (50 minutes)
     This is the DVD everyone has been waiting for.  BOXING AT ITS BEST.  A locker room interview introduces our two beautiful newcomers.  The fight begins with the fiery auburn haired Karla who's temper lets nothing stand in her way as her presence is not...
GGC-209   "MIXED FANTASIES"   (47 minutes)
     MAN -vs- WOMAN  is the oldest and longest enduring battle in the history of the World.  Man is more heavily muscled, however the female species is born with a raw savage determination and unpredictable mind.     First, is a mixed battle with S ...
GGC-211   "THE DYNAMIC DUAL"   (60 minutes)
     Elsa returns to do battle with both Belinda and newcomer Pamala in a spectacular two-on-one slaughter.  All three gorgeous women are dressed in bikinis of various yellows.  Elsa, who likes a good fight, has been training very hard at the gym and is in great shape f...
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GGC-217   "BAD GIRLS"   (58 minutes)
     This spectacular match begins in a living room setting as three friends (Jill, Monica, and Pam), relaxed in skimpy bikini's, realize they aren't bosom buddies after all.  Accusations fly as two beautiful blondes gang up on the slender brunette.  Total domin...
GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes)
    This heated match starts in a living-room setting as Sally (MISS 1989 U. S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), accuses Jill of doing an unspeakable act.  Soon, two beautiful bodies in skimpy bikinis collide as a one-sided cat fight erupts with many wrestling holds as well as well...
GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes)
    This DVD has many contrasting matches. The first match was shot for a collector and is certainly a special interest match.  Sue, in heels and white bikini, battles the Masked Mystery Woman, attired in black from head to foot. The contrast between the Black Monster and sweet Sue is...
GGC-55   "THE CHAMP"   (50 minutes)
    The first match on this DVD was Elsa and Kim's idea.  After battling each other in an oil match in GGC-29 they both wanted a piece of each other in the ring.  Exotic Elsa in a maroon bikini really attacks the blonde and well built Kim, who wears a brief bla...

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