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GGC-108   "BOXING BARE"   (38 minutes)
     You boxing fans have been waiting years for this one.  Two totally topless boxing battles between three of Golden Girls' greatest warriors.  In the first battle dark haired and white pantied Jill dons the gloves to battle lighter haired Belinda.  No quarte...
GGC-127   "BELTED BREASTS"   (37 minutes)
     By popular demand our battling girls go to the ring in another display of bare boxing brutality, a form of combat that is appealing to more and more of our customers.  In the first bout beautiful Belinda in brief blue bikini panties slugs it out with lithe dark haired J...
GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes)
     Can our girls box, too?  The Golden Girls' most beautiful wrestlers don the gloves to dish out punishment in the squared circle.  They may lack a little in form but certainly not determination.   Wearing headgear and light gloves Kim and Sue go all out to ...
GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes)
     If domination is your game and violence is your shame, then this DVD will delight you!  The first bout features a mixed match which can't be compared to any other.  Wild Kim, clad in a seductive black mini skirt and muscle shirt, totally dominates poor Sha...
GGC-204   "OUT OF CONTROL"   (52 minutes)
     Two exciting new matches highlight this new DVD shot in the GOLDEN GIRLS ring.  The first match is brought to you by popular demand as our battling girls go to the ring in another display of boxing brutality.  Noel, wearing red panties, a lacy black bra, garte...
GGC-205   "BUST BELTERS"   (50 minutes)
     This is the DVD everyone has been waiting for.  BOXING AT ITS BEST.  A locker room interview introduces our two beautiful newcomers.  The fight begins with the fiery auburn haired Karla who's temper lets nothing stand in her way as her presence is not...
GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes)
     In yet another display of bare boxing brutality, the newest GOLDEN GIRL warrior, Reo, is challenged by an outsider!  "Big Bad Jorgie" thinks she's real tough as she gets "cocky" and claims she can wipe out "any wimpy California girl"! &...
GGC-215   "BARE BOXING BRUTALITY"   (48 minutes)
     This match is for bare breasted boxing enthusiasts.  Neither Christine (1986 PENTHOUSE PET of the MONTH) nor Diane are pros at boxing, but they are very street wise and know where girls hate to be hit.  Each fighter possess her own style of savage fighting. They gi...
GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes)
     This DVD features three fights. The first fight is an apartment battle between Denise, in a red bikini, and Shelly, in a breast popping Hawaiian print bikini. Denise is angry because Shelly forgot to let the cat out and proceeds to stomp her ass, wrapping her powerful t...
GGC-57   "THE BRAWLERS"   (31 minutes)
     For you boxing fans we have produced two new matches featured on one half-hour DVD.  First dark haired buxom Elsa punches it out with sweet svelte Kim.  One girl is vastly superior to the other and knocks her opponent from pillar to post.  No doubt here who is...

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