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GGC-207 "BELT BUSTERS" (35 minutes)

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GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes)
GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes) GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes) GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes) GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes) GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes) GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Reo, Big Bad Jorgie, Leora, Sharon, Cindy
Price: $24.00

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     In yet another display of bare boxing brutality, the newest GOLDEN GIRL warrior, Reo, is challenged by an outsider!  "Big Bad Jorgie" thinks she's real tough as she gets "cocky" and claims she can wipe out "any wimpy California girl"!  Well,... Reo just can't resist this challenge from this vixen visiting from the east coast as she steps into the ring to do battle; as "East meets West"!!!!!  Both girls are clad in black g-strings, garter belts and stockings, but the similarities stop here!  "Big Bad Jorgie" has a definite weight advantage but is a little rough-around-the-edges when it comes to "slugging it out" with her smaller and leaner opponent!  Not what you would call a "scientific fight" but furious action in this animal display of violence with lots of sexy camera angles of multiple blows to bare breasts, stomachs, head,.... and even crotches!  Reo tries to make up for lack of bulk with a fighting spirit to even up this mismatch.  Who will win? Will it be "The Mean"... or "The Lean"?  You'll have to watch it to find out!!!!!!
    Next comes the long awaited CHAMPIONSHIP BELT MATCH between Leora, the reigning champion, and her surprising challenger Sharon, the cute all-American "girl next door".  Leora, clad in a steel bikini, removes the belt and shows her ring expertise!  Sharon in a white flowered bikini, may be short on knowledge but is long on desire as they fly from pillar to post!  Even the referee, Cindy, has a hard time keeping up with the nonstop action which includes airplane spins, mares throws, arm locks, step-over-toe holds, vicious head to post banging and lots of other professional holds.  One tough warrior is actually thrown out of the ring and re-enters in a most painful way!  Will Leora keep the belt?  This bout ends in an excruciating pin.... but,... which girl wins?  Buy it... and see!!

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