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GGC-203 "CUSTOM BASHES" (55 minutes)

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GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes)
GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes) GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes) GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes) GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes) GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes) GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Kim, Shawn, Stephanie, Talli, Tangi
Price: $24.00

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     If domination is your game and violence is your shame, then this DVD will delight you!  The first bout features a mixed match which can't be compared to any other.  Wild Kim, clad in a seductive black mini skirt and muscle shirt, totally dominates poor Shawn whom she recently confronted in a bar and challenged him to a brawl.  Upon arriving at Kim's apartment, Shawn realizes he under estimated the power of this fiery cigar smoking red head.   Kim immediately starts torturing the victim with agonizing punches to the stomach and uses body and head scissors to weaken him. She then strips off her skirt and shirt leaving her body clad only in black lingerie.  Before Shawn has a chance to get a "rise" from the occasion, she kicks him out the door and telephones her friends to brag of her VICTORY!!!
    The next fight will delight boxing enthusiast as Stephanie, dressed in a unique red and white ruffled suit, dons her gloves to do battle with Talli, a petite brunette clad in a pink and black bikini. Talli was determined to win this fight but soon becomes week from the violent punches to her face and stomach from the larger blond.  Talli knowing that there is a thin line between pain and gain suddenly becomes a feline "Rocky" giving this match an interesting and ironic twist.
    Next comes a super sexy cat fight between two bare breasted she cats.  First, Tangi, a gorgeous auburn clad only in a hot pink bikini bottom, enters the ring followed by Talli, dressed in only a tiny blue g-string bottom, The battle erupts!!  Although these sexy gladiators are short on knowledge, they are strong on desire as they claw and abuse each other's semi-bare bodies.  Lots of action with body scissors, chest presses, head bashes, and other agonizing holds until one fair maiden is done for the day.

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