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GGC-15 "LEATHER PUSHERS" (56 minutes)

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GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes)
GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes) GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes) GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes) GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes) GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes) GGC-15   "LEATHER PUSHERS"   (56 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Sue, Kim, Masked Mystery Woman, Elsa
Price: $24.00

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     Can our girls box, too?  The Golden Girls' most beautiful wrestlers don the gloves to dish out punishment in the squared circle.  They may lack a little in form but certainly not determination.   Wearing headgear and light gloves Kim and Sue go all out to show their boxing skills.  These girls have boxed in Southern California clubs, but with bigger softer gloves.  The sound tells the story and the agony of the bout is real.  The loser is completely devastated and semi-conscious. Not what you would call a scientific match, but furious action to a decisive finish.
After the devastating match, Kim and Sue don the softer gloves for an exciting rematch. 
    The third match was shot for a collector and is certainly a special interest match.  Sue, in heels and white bikini, battles the Masked Mystery Woman, attired in black from head to foot. The contrast between the Black Monster and sweet Sue is striking, and one girl dominates the other in straight falls.  This match is different from any other amateur bout we've ever seen and every serious collector should add this to their collection.
    Then blue and white bikini clad Elsa does battle with curvy blonde Sue in her black bikini.  Plenty of wild action as both girls get in some sneak punches that sting their opponent.  After some wild punching and swinging, the girls get frustrated and finish the match tearing their gloves off and wrestle to a finish.  The beaten girl wouldn't do another match this day and you'll understand why. This duo of female boxing action is a must for you fans of feminine fighting.

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