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GGC-224 "CAT POWER" (59 minutes)

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GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes)
GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes) GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes) GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes) GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes) GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes) GGC-224   "CAT POWER"   (59 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Denise, Shelly, Pam, Belinda, Selita
Price: $24.00

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     This DVD features three fights. The first fight is an apartment battle between Denise, in a red bikini, and Shelly, in a breast popping Hawaiian print bikini. Denise is angry because Shelly forgot to let the cat out and proceeds to stomp her ass, wrapping her powerful thighs around Shelly's neck.  Endless deep throated groans can be heard as the battle ensues and progresses to an ending, courtesy of a sleeper hold!
    In the second fight Pam and Belinda, buffed and equally matched, battle it out in a outside ring.  Pam, remembering to respect Belinda's wrestling skills, hesitantly steps into the ring at the sound of the bell.  She grabs Belinda's bottoms, briefly exposing her derriere, throwing her off guard momentarily.  They trade flips, leg scissors, punches, and body slams until one fighter is forced into unconditional surrender.
    The last match is topless boxing between experienced Belinda, in red trunks, and Selita, in blue trunks. Belinda clearly enjoys throwing punches to Selita's head, belly and breasts. This has to hurt, but doesn't seem too slow the pace of the match. The girls are in incredible shape, their hands held high, and swing with authority right down to the end. The loser is left lying helplessly on the ring apron wanting to fight her foe again.  The outside temperature was 45 degrees during filming witch helped the girls movements considerably.

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