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GGC-24 "WILD WOMEN" (62 minutes)

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GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes)
GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes) GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes) GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes) GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Leslie, Kara, Sue, Masked Mystery Woman, Spice,Nancy
Price: $24.00

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    This DVD has many contrasting matches. The first match was shot for a collector and is certainly a special interest match.  Sue, in heels and white bikini, battles the Masked Mystery Woman, attired in black from head to foot. The contrast between the Black Monster and sweet Sue is striking, and one girl dominates the other in straight falls.  This match is different from any other amateur bout we've ever seen and every serious collector should add this to their collection.
    In the second match, Leslie appears in a black and white striped bikini which only accentuates her magnificent body.  She is challenged by red bikini clad Kara, who is a serious bodybuilder.  There is a test of strength and both girls feel they are superior beings.  Our camera catches the intensity of this contest and finally one battler finishes the other off with a bikini top, and ties the other helpless.  A spontaneous display of female superiority.
    Next, gorgeous Sue dons a white one piece suit to battle dark haired  Spice in what starts out as a pro type match.  The experienced Spice, in a black lace cut suit, is an excellent athlete and starts to show Sue that she's in the wrong ring.  Then the action changes, and the girls turn the match into a furious catfight.  You're in for many surprises in one of the fiercest matches we've ever captured.  We can only say that our girls get better, prettier and meaner each time out.
   The final match captures the excitement of white bikini clad Nancy and Sue in red.  Nancy looks and fights like a sleek animal.  After a vicious, revealing catfight one girl wins and taunts the devastated loser.  All of these matches are well fought, and the girls are knockouts.

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