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GGC-98 "TITILLATION" (61 minutes)

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GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes)
GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes) GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes) GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes) GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes) GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes) GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Elsa, Spice, Leslie, Renee, Valorie
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     The requests for apartment house catfights have been overwhelming, and we are proud to present topless action in the boudoir like you have never before witnessed. The body builder Spice enters the scene with roommate Elsa, all prepared to show off her powerful body in a contest.  The striped bikinis both girls sport soon create a violent argument and Spice's top is soon in shreds. Elsa is a veritable tiger as she tries every obscene trick in the book to dominate the larger girl. Spice's boobs are victims of the savage attack of mean Elsa as this historic catfight unfolds.
     In the second battle, Renee's bust looks like a twin Mt. Everest as she battles Leslie, clad in a revealing teddie.  The red bra and panties only accentuate the new blonde's magnificent body as these two battlers tussle over floor and couch to gain an advantage. Bodies are stretched and bruised as these evenly matched ma dames maul their way to a final submission. The camera catches every beautiful heaving breath of these two apartment house classics.
    Next, two topless fights feature our two newest gladiators. Blonde Valorie and raven tressed Elsa can't share the same man and a fierce battle erupts as two women rivals fight like cats to see who is really superior.  Valorie's body is soon bare except for her bikini briefs as the tempestuous Elsa tries to disfigure the blonde for good.  The shrieks of the battle are as vivid as the close ups of beautiful bodies struggling for survival.  The loser is taught a lesson in man stealing and is stretched out, exhausted and utterly beaten.
    The fourth match has to be the most exciting and erotic topless catfight ever filmed.  Busty Elsa and resplendent Renee argue over some undergarment and their mini-dresses are soon ripped off. Renee's bra goes next, exposing the most magnificent chest of any of our girls.  Elsa's transparent bra stays on but hides nothing of her huge chest as each girl takes a turn at grabbing for the obvious, with a bite or two along the way.  One girl is almost smothered by a huge set of tits as the battle gets fiercer and fiercer.  The titillating struggle will forever be a collector's item.

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