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GGC-101 "OUTSIDE OIL" (50 minutes)

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GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes)
GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes) GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes) GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes) GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes) GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes) GGC-101   "OUTSIDE OIL"   (50 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Sue, Nancy, Kelly, Terri
Price: $21.00

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     Almost a full hour of outdoor hot oil action including a segment with partial nudity!  First, gorgeous blonde Sue, in a violet bikini, tangles with svelte and blue bikinied Nancy.  These two slip and slide in our outdoor oil pit, and the intense struggle drapes both girls over the edge of the pit many times.  Even though it is difficult to keep a hold in the oil, these two aggressive blondes manage to truly hurt each other with painful tricks.  Hair pulling and body smothering wrecks one girl and then policewoman Kelly checks the action.  Soon she's a slithering slimy mess as she's pulled into the pit by a brazen blonde, Nancy.  These two provide an oil erotic splendor as they battle until one greased gladiator has had enough.
    Then violent and tawny newcomer, Terri, in a red striped bikini shows blue bikinied Kelly what hot oil wrestling is all about.  This titanic struggle is between two tough and athletic girls and Terri will surprise you with her gym hardened and athletic body and grim determination.  Every part of their beautiful bodies is accentuated by the exotic oil as these four beauties give female fighting fans an unusual treat.  We'll let you be the judge of whether or not our girls fight for real, because this series of slippery free-for-alls will convince you.

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