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SV-22 "SMORGASBORD" (45 minutes)

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SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes)
SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes) SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes) SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes) SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes) SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes) SV-22   "SMORGASBORD"   (45 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Pam, Kelly, Debbie, Belinda Bell, Noel
Price: $20.00

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    This super sexy DVD features 45 minutes of the fiercest nude struggles ever filmed with the last fight being a five girl messy free-for-all.  In the first brawl, our popular Pam is awakened in bed by the statuesque Kelly, who returns after a night with her roommate's boyfriend.  Pam's white nightie is soon ripped off and Kelly's flashy blue dress also falls to the floor.  This fight over a man gets downright dirty and breasts are squeezed, crotches attacked as every part of each girl is vulnerable to the other's attack.  Our fiercest fight yet.
    In the second fight, beautifully built blonde Debbie is lounging in the hotel room of Noel's husband.  Sipping wine in her light blue teddy she is attacked by the outraged wife, Noel.  Noel's white business suit soon is gone and these two fight in a catfight so intense that the loser is dragged by her hair out of the room!  Definitely a fight to the finish between two gorgeous panther-like women who are out to hurt each other.
    Then comes a real different battle.  Pam, Kelly, Belinda Bell, Debbie and Noel are all sitting in the living room enjoying some drinks and food when a battle royale erupts.  The five are soon bare and wine and food soon become weapons of war. They all get their share of domination, but suddenly one girl becomes the center of attention, and she is humiliated to the utmost.  This certainly will be the wildest nude fight scene you'll ever see.

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