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SV-21 "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN" (60 minutes)

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SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes)
SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes) SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes) SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes) SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes) SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes) SV-21   "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (60 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Debbie, Pam, Bridgett, Belinda Bell
Price: $20.00

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"Featuring Belinda Bell (owner Steel Kittens) completely nude !"
    Only a man could drive these two glorious beauties to the heights of jealousy that you will see in this non-stop nude riot.  Powerful Pam has it out with willowy Debbie, a blonde with perfect proportions.  The cameraman catches each choke and scream as the battle unfolds to see which gorgeous creature gets the man of her dreams. These two battle all over the huge apartment and the loser definitely must wait for another day, as she is vanquished, but good.  Plenty of choking and hairpulling in this feminine free-for-all.  This catfight is for real, with no posing whatsoever.  Pick your favorite from the beginning and if you fantasize your name is Steve, you would be the lucky winner.
     Next, beautiful Belinda Bell meets blonde Bridgett in the bedroom of their apartment.  One girl has just wrecked the other's new car and you can imagine what follows.  The fight is feminine and furious and they roll from bed to floor trying to gain an advantage.  As the camera rolls on, the battle becomes bare and these young bodies are engaged in a test of strength that intensifies as it nears its dramatic end.  About a minute before this one ended we almost jumped in to stop this battle, as it looked like one girl was going to seriously hurt the other.  You'll thrill at the body to body contact and the violence of the female species.  No sounds were dubbed in this fight and the screams are as real as the beautiful video images in this action packed video.

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