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SV-20 "RIPPED TO SHREDS" (56 minutes)

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SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes)
SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes) SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes) SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes) SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes) SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes) SV-20   "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (56 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Pam, Bridgett, Alexandra, Debbie
Price: $20.00

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    Savage Video, with our own high quality broadcast equipment, has produced our first nude catfight shot entirely in our own studio by our own cameras.  The exquisite beauty of the participants is recorded as never before in what is probably the most vivid color and sound yet captured by a video camera of any female fight.
   This spectacular nude catfight opens with an erotic scene of athletic and beautiful Pam in a shower scene reminiscent of the one done by Angie Dickenson in the film "Dressed to Kill".  When Leslie is finished she hears a noise in the living room and discovers that she has an unwanted visitor, dark and exotic Bridgett in a bright red mini.  A raging catfight begins.  Hair and garments are pulled and torn and breasts are attacked viciously.  The ending leaves the loser helpless and will leave you yearning for more of the same in our future nude catfights.
   Next, Alexandra, who has appeared in TV's "Days Of Our Lives" and "The Jeffersons", is a girl of thrilling proportions and cover girl looks.  In our new apartment setting, Debbie, in a baby blue negligee argues with her blonde roommate, who is in a stunning turquoise teaser.  The nighties soon disappear and these two are promptly tangled in the closest body action we have yet filmed.  Beautiful hair is yanked, breasts are squeezed, and a true feminine catfight unfolds before your eyes.  You'll marvel at the sheer beauty of their bodies and the punishment they absorb.  Which of these glamour queens wins out?

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