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SV-25 "RING RISQUE" (68 minutes)

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SV-25   "RING RISQUE"   (68 minutes)
SV-25   "RING RISQUE"   (68 minutes) SV-25   "RING RISQUE"   (68 minutes) SV-25   "RING RISQUE"   (68 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Michelle, Bridgett, Sylvia, Jan
Price: $20.00

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     Lovely blonde newcomer Michelle encounters petite Bridgett in a gym setting, and the two shapely vixens soon climb into the wrestling ring in their high heels and minis to settle an old score.  Michelle rips Bridgett's dainty white mini right off of the curvy body and then the exotic brunette exposes the blonde's voluptuousness from beneath the red minidress.  Both girls are then reduced to heels and scanty bikini panties as they catfight in the confines of the squared circle.  The panties fall prey to the ferocity of each combatant and both participants are soon fighting for their lives with only their spiked high heels on.  Hair is pulled, breasts are smashed and the action looks like World War III has erupted in Savage's studio.  The hectic battle seesaws through a terrific half hour until one Amazon completely dominates the other.
    Next, svelte blonde Sylvia and Jan are vying for the affection of the same man.  Evenly matched in size and weight, both of these 5'-4" beauties weigh in at 110 lbs. of dynamic curves.  When Jan finds that Sylvia is her rival, they meet to settle the issue.  Their white street clothes are ripped from their sleek bodies.  Soon the under-garments are also gone and they fight from floor to bed to floor, gouging, taunting, and hair-pulling.  The winning blonde completely humiliates the loser and there is no doubt who captures Dave.  This DVD leaves nothing to the imagination and these girls fight for real !

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