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FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes)

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FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes)
FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes) FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes) FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes) FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes) FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes) FB-109 "MISS-STRESS" (60 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Elsa, Shelly, Belinda
Price: $19.00

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    Elsa, our lusty Latin spitfire, nicely dressed in a cream colored mini dress arrives home early from a business trip.  Elsa is totally unaware that in the very next room is Shelly (Elsa's new husbands mistress).  Shelly, dressed to kill in a black see-through lace teddy, black garter belt, nylons, and red spiked high heels lounges across the bed awaiting her lover's return.  The unexpected encounter of these two feisty felines leads to an uncontrollable rage as the battle begins.  Shelly's "Big-Bam Boobs" are clawed, and mauled, as Elsa's long sharp fingernails tear away the tiny teddy and dig into delicate flesh.  Shelly returns the favor by ripping off Elsa's business suit leaving Elsa clad in tiny white panties and bruises.  After this furious raging battle Elsa lies in tears as her adversary prepares for her lover once more.
   The second bout erupts when Belinda finds her friend Elsa crying, torn, and beaten.  Belinda sends Elsa for help and pulls Shelly back into the bedroom seeking revenge for her friend.  No holds are barred in this erotic display of female savagery.  Shelly again gets the chance to tear off yet another expensive business suit exposing Belinda's voluptuous assets.  Beautiful breasts are squeezed and pulled, faces are smothered, and gorgeous bodies are crushed between powerful thighs until finally, help arrives only to find one total loser tied up in a humiliating way.
    Another day arrives and jealousy rears it's ugly head, this time between Belinda and Elsa.  Starting as a friendly chat between the two girls, dressed in sexy teddies, an outrageous battle begins when Belinda gives Elsa additional information about her two-timing husband.  Friendships are discarded, along with sexy teddies, when these she-cats explode in a fighting frenzy.  Long nails leash out at forbidden parts of the body. Limbs are painfully twisted and turned and long hair is pulled from its roots until a humiliated loser is left lying quivering and whimpering on the floor.

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