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GGC-203   "CUSTOM BASHES"   (55 minutes)
     If domination is your game and violence is your shame, then this DVD will delight you!  The first bout features a mixed match which can't be compared to any other.  Wild Kim, clad in a seductive black mini skirt and muscle shirt, totally dominates poor Sha...
GGC-204   "OUT OF CONTROL"   (52 minutes)
     Two exciting new matches highlight this new DVD shot in the GOLDEN GIRLS ring.  The first match is brought to you by popular demand as our battling girls go to the ring in another display of boxing brutality.  Noel, wearing red panties, a lacy black bra, garte...
GGC-209   "MIXED FANTASIES"   (47 minutes)
     MAN -vs- WOMAN  is the oldest and longest enduring battle in the history of the World.  Man is more heavily muscled, however the female species is born with a raw savage determination and unpredictable mind.     First, is a mixed battle with S ...
GGC-210   "TOPLESS ONSLAUGHT"   (40 minutes)
     This is a slam-bang battle between Shelly and Belinda, the two devastating blonds.  Belinda, a little smaller than her opponent, is attired in a white lace bra and panties with matching gloves, tears after the red decked Shelly with reckless abandon.  The combatant...
     This first match features Pam -vs- Sally in a very heated battle.  They twist and strain their sweating bodies as one bare breasted beauty is intent on choking the life out of her opponent. The fully exposed gladiators administer many agonizing holds to each other until...
GGC-219   "THE RING OF PUNISHMENT"   (60 minutes)
     In a beautiful out doors Palm Springs setting, this match begins as the tall lustrous Alysa announces this bout between Pam and KAO, two gorgeous toned blondes.  These beauties adorned in one piece T-Backs pull out all the stops as they throw one another from post to po...
GGC-39   "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (61 minutes)
     First, Sue and Leslie engage in a thirty minute apartment house melee as the undergarments go flying.  This match features vivid color and wild action and Sue looks devastating in her red bra and black panties.  Leslie really works over the brash blonde and the end...
GGC-47   "TOPLESS TIGERS"   (60 minutes)
     This DVD features fierce topless catfights that introduce three gorgeous newcomers to the Golden Girls' mat.  In the first match, Porn Queen Serena dons a blue bikini to battle lavender bikinied Debbie in a wild tussle.  Serena contacted Golden Girls to do...
GGC-50   "BUSTING LOOSE"   (42 minutes)
     This DVD features probably the sexiest matches we've filmed as yet.  First we feature a spectacular tag team tussle with Leslie and Elsa, in matching turquoise bikinies battling Jill, in a red mini and her purple clad partner, the blonde bomber Debbie. &nb...
GGC-77   "BRUISING BOSOMS"   (30 minutes)
     Two tantalizing topless matches baring the perfect bosoms of three of our exotic girls feature this exotic and unusual display of sexual combat. First dark haired Kelly in a tiger bikini goes after sweet Noel in a striped suspender outfit. The suspenders don't cover Noel...
GGC-88   "BLOOPERS"   (120 minutes)
    Two full hours of Golden Girl bloopers.  We decided to release this special DVD of never before seen matches and scenes because the action is outstanding.  First featured is a six girl tag team with Spice, Kelly, Leslie, Debbie, Nancy and Elsa with Noel as refe...
GGC-94   "CIRCLE OF FURY"   (34 minutes)
    This spectacular DVD features topless ring action and also the debut of spectacular Renee Vicary.  Renee takes to our ring in her initial bout for us in a form fitting bikini of white and lavender to do battle with pale blue bikinied Denise.  Renee shows t...
GGC-95   "BLOND BOMBERS"   (36 minutes)
    The two most exquisite blonds in the Golden Girl's stable stage a ring riot with the fiercest action yet.  Magnificent Renee, in a cream bikini nearly murders svelte blond Sue, attired in red and blue striped ring bikini.  Sue is on the receiving end of most of ...
GGC-98   "TITILLATION"   (61 minutes)
     The requests for apartment house catfights have been overwhelming, and we are proud to present topless action in the boudoir like you have never before witnessed. The body builder Spice enters the scene with roommate Elsa, all prepared to show off her powerful body in a cont...
FB-102  "BLAZING BOOBS"  (52 minutes)
    Two close friends, Trish and Holly are sun tanning in the backyard when suddenly the relationship grinds to a halt when the conversation erupts into a wild melee.  Tiny bikini tops are ripped off as bodies spill from blanket to grass. They fight like two she-cats in...

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