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GGC-139   "MIXED MEANNESS"   (49 minutes)
     These two mixed handicap matches just shot in the Golden Girl's Gym will leave the mixed match fans breathless.  Because pound for pound we feel that most males have more muscle content in their bodies, we decided to match diminutive Mike against two similarly weigh...
GGC-140   "NEW BUST BATTLES"   (58 minutes)
    Two fierce topless tussles highlight this one hour, three match video.  First, blonde and suddenly busty Shelly in a blue and black zebra bikini defrocks white bikinied Belinda in our most intense topless match ever.  Both big mammaried beauties batter each other wi...
GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes)
     Four matches on this one!  First Belinda and Jill enter the ring with long dresses, hose and garter belts in an unusual topless battle.  Jill, in a pink dress, soon has busty Belinda's gown around her waist and the fight continues with silky garments used to ch...
GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes)
     Three terrific matches highlight this mostly topless DVD.  In the first bout two of Golden Girl's most sensationally built blondes tangle in a bare to the waist war.  If you've fantasized how Kim and Pam would look stripped to a tiny bottom then we've a...
GGC-147   "RING ECSTASY"   (45 minutes)
    Two bang up matches, one featuring our two prettiest girls in a topless turmoil, are contained in this 45 minute video.  An orange bikini makes Pam's glorious tan look like a sun-lotion ad as this blonde tangles with platinum tressed Sue who begins with a light green...
GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes)
    This brand new topless DVD features a glamorous ring fantasy fight and an exquisite blonde newcomer in a desperate bare bosomed battle.  Our "Dynasty" fantasy shows big busted Shelly meeting slim Kim in a dressing room and arguing over a mutual boyfriend named ...
GGC-154   "BARE BREASTED TAG TEAM"   (60 minutes)
     Sexsational is the only word to describe the first match of this video.  It's a topless tagamania! Sue and Pam both wear snow-white bikinis and face the black bikinied pair of Belinda and Stevie. Four she-animals are soon bare to the waist, pulling and punching, shr...
GGC-17   "TOPLESS ACTION"   (37 minutes)
     Finally, topless brutality!  Our two strongest and most dominant girls do battle. Spice in a mini suede bikini battles the athletic Leslie and they try to humiliate each other.  Then the inevitable happens.  Both tops are ripped away and the match is finished ...
GGC-170   "GOLDEN GLOBES"   (58 minutes)
     Some of our collectors have waited for four years for this first match of what will become a classic match forever in the annals of female wrestling. The voluptuous queen of Golden Girls, Goldie her-self, returns to the ring wars after over a year's absence.  Facing...
GGC-174   "BRUISED BOSOMS"   (59 minutes)
     Two out of Three!  Not falls but topless fights are featured in this one hour release.  The Russian beauty with the classic look, Mindy, in a hot pink bikini does battle with swimsuit queen Sue, in blue.  The smaller Sue is quick and dirty, and hairpulling cat...
GGC-179   "BUST BASHERS"   (60 minutes)
     Four matches, three completely topless, constitute this super new release. Giant blonde Shelly grapples with equally large Lynn-Marie as both pairs of magnificent tits are bared quickly in this vicious fight.  It's a she-fight of giant magnitude as these two big bre...
GGC-185  "MORE TOPLESS TUSSLES"  (57 minutes)
     Three brand new topless fights constitute this super new release.  Sexy  Belinda battles with buxom Lynn-Marie as both pairs of exquisite breasts are bared quickly in this vicious fight. Prolonged holds accentuate the sensuality of this match.  The tension fin...
    This almost all topless DVD features some of our sexiest and strongest fighters.  Highlighted in the first match is beautiful Quiche in a red bikini versus gorgeous Lisa in black.  Although this isn't a totally topless match, the girls have a hard time conc...
GGC-192   "EXCITING NEW BODIES"   (61 minutes)
     If you're ready to witness the most erotic and action packed fully topless tape ever...this exciting video is a must!  It opens with Shelly, the bustiest Golden Girl of all, as she takes on the wild and exotic Lisa.  These two wildcats display incredible fighti...
GGC-195   "GOLDEN BODIES"   (58 minutes)
     This sizzling all topless DVD has three matches featuring some of our sexiest beauties.  The first match features bronze bodied Quiche in a black bikini and busty Shelly in blue.  Both big breasted beauties stretch and bruise each others bodies relentlessly. &...

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