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FB-115 "WHITE WEDDING" (49 minutes)

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FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes)
FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes) FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes) FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes) FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes) FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes) FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (49 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Elsa, Goldie, Shelly, Belinda, Lisa, Teal
Price: $19.00

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    This mini movie opens with Elsa, our blushing bride being congratulated by her best friend Goldie. During the conservation, Elsa learns from Goldie that the wedding reception is being catered by Shelly, the ultra busty, ultra bitchy, and ultra sexy blond bombshell. It doesn't take Elsa long to realize why Shelly was the caterer of her husband's choice. He had known her all to well, and Shelly was determined to turn this wedding into a nightmare. All decked out in the skimpiest of French maid costumes, Shelly was fully prepared with her two co-workers, exotic Lisa, and beautiful Teal Roberts. Teal is not as well known to the female wrestling community as she is to the motion picture industry. As the star of Columbia Picture's major movie "Hard Bodies", her perfectly toned, and bronzed body was ready for action. This furious she-cat really came through when this violent topless battle erupted.  On Elsa's side was Belinda Quog, the voluptuous fair haired tigress of Southern California wrestling rings. Donned in a peach colored chiffon maid of honor gown, Belinda was dressed to kill. As the bridal and maid of honor gowns were smeared with food and ripped away, so were the French maid costumes, leaving sheer panties and silk stockings. No part of these beautiful bodies were held sacred in this food free for all, as creamy pastries were smeared and thrown. Slick bodies glistening with sweet creams as they slip and slide their way through this furious and intense battle. Torturous holds are applied, breasts are mauled, and bodies gasp for air between powerful thighs. Shelly, the "Smothering Queen" never hesitates with her two specialties, boob smothering, and face sitting. Her ample breasts are weapons in themselves as she grinds them against every part of the other girls' bodies.
   Three fair maidens are taught a hard lesson this day, totally beaten and laid out exposing all to the soon to arrive guests. This is definitely the most violent and erotic video ever produced by ANY female wrestling company.

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