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FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes)

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FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes)
FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes) FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes) FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes) FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes) FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes) FB-105 "OUT OF CONTROL" (58 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Brandi, Sherise, Quiche, Lisa
Price: $19.00

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    You've all asked for complete reality . . . We've delivered... Now, we take you one step further.  This fight is out of control.  The scene opens on the newest Starlight Fighters, Brandi and Cherise, sharing a shower.  After toweling off, Brandi slips on her tiny black g-string and prepares for a laid back evening at home.  Although the girls get along in water, Cherise, donned only in a white lace g-string, steams over Brandi's selection of entertainment.  A violent battle erupts into non-stop hitting, punching, hair pulling, breast squeezing, spanking and violent and dangerous throws and flips.  You've never seen two tigresses battle so fiercely.  We won't tell you the ending, but you'll agree it's out of control.
    Next, your all time favorite . . . beautiful, voluptuous Quiche is challenged by Brandi, dressed in see-thru white lace undies, shear black robe and high spiked heels.  The flimsy garments are soon torn away revealing only the skimpiest of panties.  Quiche, doing her famous face and chest sitting routine, leaves the smaller body bucking and kicking below her.  Gasping for air, Brandi comes up fighting with her long fingernails tearing into Quiche's ultra bronzed flesh.  No holding back for these two; until one poor beauty is stomped and punched into submission.
    In the final match, Brandi and Lisa have planned a formal night out, dressed in their pastel evening gowns.  Underneath, we soon discover, both are wearing lacy garter belts, silk stockings, high heels and the teeniest panties.  As an argument ensues, both gorgeous dresses are ripped to shreds, revealing two bare breasted and angry beauties.  From the couch to the floor, these fair lasses totally ravish and destroy one another's' bodies.  Long agonizing scissor holds, face sitting, body punching, and many other erotic holds are painfully applied until finally only the victor could re-dress for the evening, leaving her beaten victim lying helplessly at home.

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