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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes)
      Our two largest and strongest girls, Spice and Leslie , go to the mat in identical gold bikinis in the first match on this DVD.  Spice has longer, darker hair and is easily distinguishable from the lighter haired, athletic Leslie.  These two battle it out with som...
GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes)
    This dynamite DVD features the arrogant and tough Leslie in two all-out matches featuring pro-style moves and plain old feminine flailing.  In the first match, baby blue bikinied Leslie has it out with her blonde adversary, Nancy who makes her candy striped suit the...
GGC-54   "FELINE FURY"   (50 minutes)
    If catfighting is your wish, then these three brand new releases should whet your appetite.  In the first battle, beautiful blue clad blonde Robin trades feminine battle with fiery Latin Elsa in a tough ring match. The dislike each girl has for the other is quite evident...
GGC-55   "THE CHAMP"   (50 minutes)
    The first match on this DVD was Elsa and Kim's idea.  After battling each other in an oil match in GGC-29 they both wanted a piece of each other in the ring.  Exotic Elsa in a maroon bikini really attacks the blonde and well built Kim, who wears a brief bla...
GGC-71   "BRAWLING FOR THE BELT"   (55 minutes)
    In this magnificent new DVD Spice, the current Golden Girls champion, is challenged by athletic stunt girl Cindy in a two out of three fall spectacular battle.  This epic fight is a bikini battle with white clad Spice giving blue bikinied Cindy all she has.  Th...
GGC-72   "TOTAL LOSERS"   (50 minutes)
    This DVD has two dramatic and hard fought matches in which the winner completely dominates the unfortunate loser.  First, busty, Elsa, the fiery black haired Latin tangles with our fair blonde, Sue, who looks delectable in her pink bikini.  Don't feel ...
GGC-73   "BLONDE BOMBERS"   (32 minutes)
     This DVD features three of our California blondes in action.  Svelte Nancy in a gorgeous blue and white bikini battles Sue, who wears a net black bikini to contrast her milky white skin.  Sue has trouble keeping her top over her exquisite breasts as these two ...
GGC-78   "3 MATCHES OF  PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (57 minutes)
    It was bound to happen!  Two black girls against two curvy blondes in a wild tag team battle.  The ebony skin of Peaches is placed in a candy striped bikini and Kai Kai's tawny body is highlighted in a snowy white bikini as they battle tiny blonde Sue in a skimp...
GGC-79   "BLONDE SHE-CATS"   (35 minutes)
    This exquisite DVD matches three of our best built girls. First statuesque Kim in a yellow bikini takes on the smaller but quicker Sue, whose body looks like a statue in a leopard bikini.  These two blondes have met before and this bout is the best of their battles....
GGC-83   "NEW BLONDES"   (45 minutes)
    Two brand new blonde battlers are featured in this three bout DVD.  In the first match statuesque Denise, in a white bikini does combat with violent blonde newcomer Donna, in a hot pink bikini. Donna is our wildest wrestler yet and attacks Denise in a frenzy of cursing a...
GGC-84   "BATTLE ROYAL"   (60 minutes)
    We finally did it! A wild battle royal pitting four beautiful blondes in a winner take all match, with the last girl left winning it all. Not a tag team but each girl out for herself and at times three girls go after a single participant.  Our current champ, dark haired ...
GGC-87   "TAG AND TERROR"   (45 minutes)
    Two of the greatest matches ever filmed in this 3/4 of an hour DVD.  First, black Kai Kai teams with candy striped bikinied Sue to do battle with fiery Latin star Elsa and svelte blue outfitted Nancy.  Each team features a blonde and a dark warrior and these girls g...
GGC-94   "CIRCLE OF FURY"   (34 minutes)
    This spectacular DVD features topless ring action and also the debut of spectacular Renee Vicary.  Renee takes to our ring in her initial bout for us in a form fitting bikini of white and lavender to do battle with pale blue bikinied Denise.  Renee shows t...
GGC-95   "BLOND BOMBERS"   (36 minutes)
    The two most exquisite blonds in the Golden Girl's stable stage a ring riot with the fiercest action yet.  Magnificent Renee, in a cream bikini nearly murders svelte blond Sue, attired in red and blue striped ring bikini.  Sue is on the receiving end of most of ...
FB-113 "QUEEN OF THE RING" (42 minutes)
    This two bout DVD highlights four beautiful, lean, and well trained amazons in the most dynamic high flying, body slamming ring action ever filmed.  In the opener, Teal Roberts, the famous Hollywood starlet, tanned and toned in her one piece french cut suit, stands ready for ...

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