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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-194   "BRAWLING BIKINIS"   (61 minutes)
     Four intense bouts are included in this new release.  In the first match  Crystal, with her long blonde mane is pitted against buxom Shelly.  For those interested in heaving breasts and gorgeous legs twisted into unthinkable positions, this match is for you. &...
GGC-197   "MORE PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (50 minutes)
    In this brilliant new DVD, some of your favorites collide in bruising non-stop action.  In the opener, Elsa, the fiery black haired Latin returns after a long absence to do battle with ebony-skinned Vanessa.  These two struggle on the ropes and under the ropes, as w...
GGC-198   "CLASSY ACTION"   (52 minutes)
    This brand new action-packed DVD features some of our most beautiful wrestlers.  It opens with incredibly cute Crissy in a revealing orange and white bikini as she takes on sexy Robie in blue. Crissy can't seem to keep her top on during this intense match.  ...
GGC-20   "COMBINATION MATCHES"   (45 minutes)
     Three spectacular matches are captured by our three camera technique on our new Broadcast Quality Equipment.  First, Sue and Leslie tangle in a bruising two out of three fall pro-type match. Leslie, in a tiny white string bikini, arrives in the ring in a white body stoc...
GGC-201   "BODIES BEAUTIFUL"   (53 minutes)
     This DVD features two unusual matches released only on our Bloopers DVD (GGC-88).  The first match is an amusing lingerie battle featuring Sue, Elsa, Denise, and Kim in an apartment house setting.  You can't help but see the humor in this meant - to -...
GGC-207   "BELT BUSTERS"   (35 minutes)
     In yet another display of bare boxing brutality, the newest GOLDEN GIRL warrior, Reo, is challenged by an outsider!  "Big Bad Jorgie" thinks she's real tough as she gets "cocky" and claims she can wipe out "any wimpy California girl"! &...
GGC-208   "KATY CAT FIGHTS"   (60 minutes)
     This is a perfect match-up between two warriors of the same strength and equal knowledge of holds and moves. The blond Andy, with a knockout body, wears a black lace suit that barely contains her large breasts while Cheryl, who is equally as beautiful, is in tip-top physical...
GGC-213   "A CUSTOM CLASH"   (35 minutes)
     This is the first of two custom matches featuring the statuesque Deziree.  The lovely, blue bikini clad, 23-year-old stands 5'8" tall and weighs in at a shapely 120 lbs., has long coal black hair and a milk white complexion.  Her attractive blond opponent,...
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GGC-214  "4 GIRL BATTLE ROYAL"  (55 minutes)
    If you yearn for the gutsy action of Pro's, served straight with close in camera work and the sounds of combat instead of distracting commentary, GOLDEN GIRLS has it covered.  Sally (MISS 1989 U.S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), Holly, Cheryl (a petite sculptured body builder)...
GGC-219   "THE RING OF PUNISHMENT"   (60 minutes)
     In a beautiful out doors Palm Springs setting, this match begins as the tall lustrous Alysa announces this bout between Pam and KAO, two gorgeous toned blondes.  These beauties adorned in one piece T-Backs pull out all the stops as they throw one another from post to po...
GGC-222   "PRIVATE SUBMISSIONS"   (58 minutes)
    The first match features two sisters, blond Chelsea and brunette Dawn, dressed in street attire at their apartment fighting over lost money.  The girls trade insults, punches, slaps, and choke holds with each other while struggling toward winning. Dresses ride up lovely ...
GGC-24   "WILD WOMEN"   (62 minutes)
    This DVD has many contrasting matches. The first match was shot for a collector and is certainly a special interest match.  Sue, in heels and white bikini, battles the Masked Mystery Woman, attired in black from head to foot. The contrast between the Black Monster and sweet Sue is...
GGC-30   "CATFIGHTS"   (62 minutes)
    It seems that "Catfights" are popular with all of our customers and even though all these girls are not accomplished wrestlers they all have a fierce desire to win.  In the first match, voluptuous black newcomer Kai Kai really tangles with our first black star,...
    We have just completed our first ever elimination tournament which was held in our own gym with a live audience.  Our new 3/4" professional quality equipment captured this brutal tournament in a manner unequaled in female wrestling.  The long awaited event matc...
GGC-38   "TAG TEAM"   (59 mins)
    The most experienced of our Golden Girls go to the mat in our first ever tag team match in a two out of three fall riot. Multi-curved Goldie teams with aggressive Leslie and their revealing one piece white leotards can hardly contain their beautiful bodies. The opposition is dynam...

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