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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-148   "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (62 minutes)
     Three brief bikinied bouts with five glamorous vixens will intoxicate your senses in this over one hour video.  First, big busted Shelly pops her top (for a moment) in an all out battle with spicy Leora.  Shelly, in a black bikini, tries to dominate the tiny tiger,...
GGC-155   "THE CALIFORNIA DOLLS"   (54 minutes)
    Three hotly contested bikini brawls constitute this brand new DVD offering which features three of our prettiest blondes.  In the first match Stevie, decked out in a black outfit tangles with curvy blonde Sue in a teeny red swimsuit.  Stevie displays a var...
GGC-157   "THE TOUGH ONES"   (58 minutes)
     Three tough semi-pro matches give you the roughest action in all of amateur girl wrestling.  Big brazen Shelly enters the ring with the Championship Belt, a fur jacket and a hot pink bikini. Tough girl Belinda, in a blue robe and black bikini thinks it's about time ...
GGC-172   "MEAN AND LEAN"   (58 minutes)
    The first match goes for a half hour to a one fall finish as a six girl tag offers some of the hardest and most intense fighting ever.  Each team wears identical bikinis and the blue striped team has small blonde Cindy, our Champion Belinda and the Russian beauty Mindy i...
GGC-173   "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (55 minutes)
     Three totally different bikini bouts are included in this brand new release.  We introduce to you in match #1, Kona the Barbarian .  Kona enters the squared circle with a blonde slavegirl , who prepares her for Kona's bout with Stevie .  Kona's magnifi...
GGC-175   "BARBARIC BATTLES"   (56 minutes)
     Returning to the Golden Girls' mat is Kona the Barbarian who recently destroyed athletic Stevie. Kona in a black top and leopard skin loincloth attacks sweet blonde Kerry in another savage display of animal ferocity.  Again making unintelligible grunts and sounds, t...
GGC-177   "NEWCOMERS"   (58 minutes)
    Four interesting bouts are included in this new release which introduces two new girls.  Blonde Les in a bright blue bikini which does her magnificent body justice battles Lynn-Marie who is wearing soft peach.  Lynn-Marie's huge chest and powerful body is expose...
GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes)
     Now for the semi-pro fans comes newcomer Tamayo, with oriental heritage, long raven hair, boots, a form fitting white suit and seasoned wrestling knowledge to battle big and bad Charlie, "The Golden Cat".  Wearing a blue swimsuit, boots and white handball glov...
GGC-180       "TAG TERRORS"        (60 minutes)
      Two terrific tag matches highlight this one hour DVD.  The first match has the two oriental girls, Tamayo and Debbie in matching striped bikinis, battling blondes Shelly and Belinda who wear revealing blue and white teenies. The American girls are bigger and busti...
GGC-182    "RING RIOTS"     (60 minutes)
     Another four match spectacular of an hours worth of the finest and most dynamic wrestling. The first match features busty Shelly in black in a brutal battle with sexy Les in white.  The violent action accelerates quickly as both girls are equally bent on destroying each...
GGC-183   "WRESTLING AMATEURS"   (56 minutes)
     Some of our sexiest girls go to the mat in this rough and tough display of female combat.  First we see small blonde Cindy in a black bikini against gorgeous Pam in pink.  Cindy tries to prove that spirit and determination can make up for her lack of size and stren...
    This almost all topless DVD features some of our sexiest and strongest fighters.  Highlighted in the first match is beautiful Quiche in a red bikini versus gorgeous Lisa in black.  Although this isn't a totally topless match, the girls have a hard time conc...
GGC-189   "BLAZING BIKINIS"   (58 minutes)
    This DVD features three wild and exciting matches.  In the first, we have voluptuous Shelly against exotic Quiche.  Their micro-bikinis barely cover their gorgeous bodies.  Shelly uses her overwhelming breasts in her attempts to suffocate Quiche.  Ple...
    The fierce battling between our dynamic Golden Girls continues in this exceptional video presentation.  It was only a matter of time before two sisters had it out in the ring.  Blonde Crystal, in a bright pink thong bikini battles with her little sister Ashley, in b...
GGC-193   "SPICE OF LIFE"   (58 minutes)
    The first is a two out of three fall belt match refereed by Crissy.  Featured are two of the strongest and most athletic of the Golden Girls, honey blonde Leora in a colorful striped bikini and powerful Spice in black.  Spice begins with a series of merciless headlo...

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