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DG-1 "DOUBLE GOLD #1" (58 minutes)

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DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes)
DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes) DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes) DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes) DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes) DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes) DG-1      "DOUBLE GOLD #1"      (58 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Julie, Stephanie, Littlest Angel, Spice, Windi
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   It was bound to happen!  GOLDEN GIRLS and DOUBLE TROUBLE filmed together at GOLDEN GIRLS gym to produce two exciting new female combat DVDs.  The staff at GOLDEN GIRLS  tweaked-up  their cameras.  The girls, with their violent and vibrant fighting, cleared the cobwebs from the ring with mares throws, leg scissors, stomach punching, figure four leg locks, back breakers, body slams, choking, hair pulling, and turnbuckle to turnbuckle action.
   The first match starts off with Julie and Stephanie.  Julie's experience gives her an early edge but Stephanie is not about to be out done and resorts to fighting dirty, pinching and biting.  Julie is pushed  to far - she rips Stephanie's top off revealing youthful, firm, sculpted breasts.  Stephanie retaliates and pulls Julie's top down but the top stays on, laced tight just below her breasts and works as a harness pulling those already uplifted, pointed nipples even further toward the sky.  The battle rages back and forth as these two speedy ladies fly, until a dramatic figure four leg hold Julie forces Stephanie to surrender.
   The next match is a real treat.  You get to meet an amazing new wrestler.   She's known as the Littlest Angel - thick blond hair below her waist - young innocent face - and legs that never end.   And who does this Angel have to fight, you guessed it: Spice.  This long legged Angel is double jointed and you won't believe what a great shot of her rock thighs and bubble ass this offers as Spice puts her through a series of keister bumps.  What a shot of Spice - a backbreaker, that long blond hair flowing down to the mat: this is how Spice ends this one.  
   Last, the feisty Stephanie is pitted against newcomer Windi.  Windi isn't sure what to expect from all of this.   Stephanie quickly lets her know she can expect the worst.  Stephanie loves being in charge and beats up the new girl.  Not long into the match the breasts are bared exposing Windi's beautiful full figured look.
    A fabulous pair of DVDs by the two best female combat companies ever.

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