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SV-28 "SHOCKING SHORTS" (46 minutes)

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SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes)
SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes) SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes) SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes) SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes) SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes) SV-28   "SHOCKING SHORTS"   (46 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Dianne, Beth, Sherri, Leslie, Melanie
Price: $20.00

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    The first battle features statuesque dark blonde Beth in blue shorts and a white top lounging on the beach by a stranded catamaran.  As the well built beauty starts to recline on one of the pontoons, Dianne reaches the scene in pink workout bottoms and a grey tee-shirt. The dark-haired beauty quickly accuses Beth of bedding her husband and a violent argument ensues.  The beach quickly becomes a war zone as first Dianne's top is torn away and then Beth's blue top is ripped to shreds.  Beautifully kept hair is yanked from it's roots and gorgeous chests are squeezed as they roll on the sand in a bitter fight.  Both girls crawl towards the water's edge then find themselves back on the hot sand where both bottoms are soon eradicated.  Savage scissors holds are used and breasts are mangled until the wanton loser is lying flat on her back with outspread legs, a complete loser and victim to her tormentor's repeated kicks of sand.
    Battle #2 is a sexy fight in an apartment setting, as Sherri, in a dainty white negligee greets blonde Leslie at the door.  It seems that Leslie is accusing Sherri of messing with "Bob" and taking her waitress job away.  Sherri lets Leslie enter and Leslie's white skirt and red body suit are soon embroiled in a bedded down bordello battle.  After Leslie's top is pulled to her waist, both girls battle on the bedroom floor as Sherri straddles Leslie and grotesquely mangles her tits.  Back to the bed go both spent blondes as all of their clothing disappears.  Finally one girl is flat on her back as the winner steps on her heaving chest and kicks the sobbing loser.
    In the last battle, Beth raking her yard is approached by blonde Melanie.  The two then discuss their relationship with Bob when a hair-pulling party erupts.  One girl bites the other's bosom and is punished in return with a knee to the stomach.  The loser finds herself flat on her back with her opponent sitting heavily on her stomach, and she concedes in a wave of screams and tears.  Definitely an addition for your all-nude catfight collection!

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