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SV-27 "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES" (48 minutes)

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SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes)
SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes) SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes) SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes) SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes) SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes) SV-27   "NATURES NAUGHTY NUDES"   (48 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Beth, Sherri, Dianne
Price: $20.00

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    The wildest all nude DVD ever offered to the public..."Natures Naughty Nudes" features strong sensual she-wrestling shot in outdoor and apartment locations, capturing the best of strained, tormented and humiliated bodies in the fiercest fighting you've ever witnessed between gorgeous and well proportioned beauties.
    A secluded California beach in fight #1 finds two extremely close friends walking hand in hand to a nude sunbathing rendezvous.  Beth, in a blue and white string bikini and blonde Sherri, in a one piece lavender and white suit reach their secluded spot and sensuously apply lotion to every peak and valley of their bodies.  Suddenly one girl discovers that both have been making love to the same man.  The argument erupts into a wild melee that spills the girls from sand to surf to sand.  Hair is yanked, bodies are bent, and busts are battered and abused.  Finally, a humiliated loser is left moaning on the sand.
    Next, a tranquil picnic area finds Beth in a petite pink sundress quietly reading next to a wooden picnic table. Dianne, an Israeli princess with deep olive skin, long hair and a white mini arrives on the scene. Again, a man named George precipitates a violent argument, and the two soft skinned bodies are ripped free of their clothing.  Finally one girl tries to run to freedom only to be dragged back to the fight scene...a beaten glistening loser.
    Finally, a bedroom becomes a battleground as Sherri's tranquility is ended.  Dianne bursts into the room.  Shouts of rage come from the dark tigress as she swarms all over the shocked blonde.  Great camera angles catch the sensual fight at its finest as powerful limbs squeeze shouts of horror in this all out nude catfight.  A downright SAVAGE DVD!

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