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 Restless Ricki and Candy, take their dispute "down to floor level!"  Both girls are gorgeous, barbell buffed babes who are top-heavy (DD-cup!) and tough as nails!  It's a brawl you won't forget, with a degrading, humiliating finish every bit as exciting as the match...
 Petite, buxom, and raven haired Pepper challenges Angel in this erotic display of female fury.  Unforgetable action! Time: 15 minutes / 70.3 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-278 "Tough Times" (13 1/2 mins.)
 Tough times, provides the surefire ingredients for a good bout:  A tough, "Seasoned vet" against a "Wanna Be" little novice who needs to learn some respect!  Their hissing brawl ends in a humiliating confession and loss! Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 65.5 Mb...
FB-279 "Wrestling Vixens" (14 mins.)
 Next, tough and sexy Quisha battles Lisa in "Wrestling Vixens".  These two go at it like wild animals! Time: 14 minutes / 71.8 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-280 "EXPLODING THUNDER" (14 1/2 mins.)
 Justine vs Thunder is sleek and crashes without warning.  You'll see why she deserves her name .  A great match for those who like quick action. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 72.4 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-281 "STAR BATTLE" (15 mins.)
 Shelley, the 44DD "Burbank Bomber, meets the razor-toothed Rowdey Renne in a classic catfight.  Both girls are built to the max!- If you can keep your eyes off their eye-popping assets.  Submis¬sion hold forces the loser to endure an embarrassing and total defeat! Ti...
FB-282 "The Redder the Better" (16 mins.)
 Next, a "bitch brawl" between two sexy she-wolves with a thirst for blood!  The Redder the Better ... Raven and flaming- haired Red spins, flips, plenty of real wrestling action as these two women fight to a finish that includes a mortifying loss and admission of defeat by the l...
FB-283 "Sweet Revenge" (16 mins.)
 Marie Savage (The Duchess of Discipline), decides to swallow some Hot Pepper and although there's no water, the fighting becomes wet and wild.  Only for those who like it hot and spicy! Time: 16 minutes / 81.3 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-284 “Life’s a Bitch” (14 1/2 mins.)
 Rowdy Renee catches Babe wearing her undies – Look OUT!  A well-rounded, hotly contested bout ensues with plenty of kicking, punching, and hair pulling.  The victor “scissors out” a tearful apology then adds insult to injury with an even more degrading “encore...
FB-285 "Bosom Smother" (12 mins.)
 Brandy and Nickie, want to settle a dispute that's been brewing for months;  Namely, who has the nicest boobs?  Their anger is overflowing, just like their bras.  This "Dispute of the D-Cups" is a real delight; you'll see two gals who are normally quiet and sof...
FB-286 "DEBBIE DOES LESLIE" (13 1/2 mins.)
 In "Debbie Does Leslie", cute Debbie faces off with big and brawny Leslie.  It's a melee, and the ending will surprise you! Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 69.6 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-287 "Go For It" (14 1/2 mins.)
 Sasha has been in the fight game for about ten years and knows every trick in the book. Both contestants wear skin tight mini skirts, tank tops and thong panties. Fast paced action between some of the biggest stars and lusty power hungry newcomers! Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 73.6 Mb / Form...
FB-288 "WRESTLING SISTERS" (11 1/2 mins.)
 Sibiling rivalry takes on new meaning as SHEILA (36-24-35) and RENEE LA MORTE (38-25-36) "settle their differences" in the center ring.  Both girls are gorgeous, built-to-the-hilt brawlers, tall, blonde, and busty.  Dressed in tantalizing lingerie, they dredge up a lot...
FB-289 "A Catfight Between Old & Younger" (11 1/2  mins.)
 A "Younger Chick" beats up an "Older Broad" in a pretty one sided catfight between British women. Time: 11 1/2 minutes / 58.9 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-290 "The Last Tangle" (15 mins.)
 This match has enough radiation to raise your temperature to boiling as stunningly exotic newcomer Tracy takes on sexy blonde Quisha.  Chillingly fierce, this match will keep you on the edge of your seat. Time: 15 minutes / 72.2 Mb / Format .wmv ...

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