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FB-261 "The Not So Tender Trap" (13 1/2 mins.)
 This match showcases two petite power-houses, gorgeous Knockout Nicki and the awesomely stacked Vicious Valerie. They fight like she-wolves. Victory is sweet & decisive, with the winner forcing a humiliating admission of defeat. Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 67.4 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-262 "Don't Make This Any Harder Than it Has to Be!" (27 1/2mins.)
 Both girls are dressed in sexy lace panties, bras, garter belts, stockings and seven inch high heels are worn throughout the match.  Red gets on the pain express, and applies a cruel and painful leg spread hold.  Red shows her contempt by riding Storm like a pony. Time: 27 1/...
FB-263 "BODY CONTACT" (18 mins.)
 Thrasher and Judy the Bod in "Body Contact.  Both contenders annaunce that this match is a piece of cake but each roll and bounce adds another layer of sweet surrender excitement. Time: 18 minutes / 93 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-264 "It's going to Hurt You More Than it's Going to Me!" (28 mins.)
 This match features Pamela vs her one time best friend Bridgette in a "Blonde-on Blonde" body crushing catfight.  Pamela gets going with skin to skin pin downs, and suffocating face sitting submissions!  A floor-pounding claws to claw cat spat!  Don't miss it! T...
FB-265 "Maid for Mauling" (28 1/2 mins.)
 Tina, a hotel maid, decides she's had enough, and she orders Carol, a hotel guest, to clean up her own mess. Time: 28 1/2 minutes / 145.3 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-266 "The Beauties And The Boyfriend" (16 1/2 mins.)
 Jade confronts Leslie in one of the finest "Salt & Pepper" matches ever. Jade a tall sinewy black girl, stole blonde Leslie's boyfriend, and Leslie wants vengonce.  This match has everything: airplane spins, flying mares & head flips, aerial body slams, and loads of ...
FB-267 "The Conquest" (15 mins.)
 Two blonds in swim suits, Dawn & Barbie, battle it out in this hot catfight.  Dawn humiliates the poor girl.  The match ends in a tearful, humiliating surrender to the victor. Time: 15 minutes / 76.1 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-268 "Dark Victory" (13 1/2 mins.)
 A showcase elimination match!  Anna "The Banshee", meets Treasure in a blazing free-for-all that ignites before the girls are even introduced!  Their differences in style and technique make for a true connoisseur's confrontation! Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 68.4 Mb /...
FB-269 "Las Vegas Bombshells" (14 1/2 mins.)
 This match showcases the gorgeous young mat maidens, Party Animal and Kissing Kitty.  A hot and heavy showdown ending with Thrasher joining in to help finish it off with a surprise climax. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 75.1 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-270 "Three's Company" (14 1/2 mins.)
 Sweet Savage, Tabatha, and Kandi engage in a 'three for all' with all three bashing each other.   Hair pulling, biting, scratching, "street moves" and verbal abuse galore highlight these outstanding bouts.   Definitely a rowdy ringfest featuring talented m...
FB-271 "One Boyfriend - Two Blondes"  (11 1/2 mins.)
 Julie and Cindy share the telephone and computer, but when it comes to sharing a boyfriend, watch out.  It's war!!  The clothes are ripped off and the fangs come out! Time: 11 1/2 minutes / 59.4 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-272 "I Need This Work Done Now!" (11 mins.)
 A Blond vs Brunette catfight.  Roxie and Renee LaMorte start out fully clothed in skirts and end up with both girls getting stripped down to their sexy underware! Time: 11 minutes / 55.8 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-273 "Slap, Kick, Punch" (18 1/2 mins.)
 It's Wednesday night, and time to wrestle.  Red vs raven-haired Shane, and both are ready to rumble.  Both girls are wearing sexy black lingerie, Red in black net stockings.  Both vixens wear each other out with painful leg spread submission holds, slapping and crushing pin ...
FB-274 "Ruthless Rivals" (12 mins.)
 This fight matches lovely Tiffany against Troy in a vicious battle over the same man.  Intense and brutal. Time: 12 minutes / 61.9 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-275 "Hanging Tough" (15 mins.)
 We have a showcase melee in our middle-weight division.  Misty vs Nicki.  It's a hell of a brawl, with the courageous victor teaching her opponent an agonizing lesson in manners! Time: 15 minutes / 47.4 Mb / Format .wmv ...

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