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FB-231 "VIKKI'S REVENGE" (14 mins.)
 Vicious Vikki is new to the ring but she doesn't like Vegas girls like Linette and decides to cash in her jackpot.  You'll see a new breed of high rollers as these two tumble in an attempt to give the Vegas Strip a new meaning. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 72.3 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-232 "FIERY CONTEST" (16 mins.)
 If you like to watch big girls battle it out you can't miss dynamic match featuring Leslie and Paige in a battle of Amazons.  When this towering women falls to the ground, you'll run for your earthquake survival kit! Time: 16 minutes / 82.7 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-233 "SADISTIC SIRENS" (14 mins.)
 This match features two very experienced wrestlers in an all out catfight!  The "Deadly D-Cupper", Casey Lynn, boasts a quick victory, but Paige has other ideas.  The veteran vixens are barely introduced before they begin mauling each other in a snarling, rip roaring bout t...
FB-234   "ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER"     (17 mins.)   88.2 MB
 The super-stacked sexpot Biker Babe calls "street fighter" Katt Davis a "puss" and the fire works begin!  What follows is a blistering brawl with nonstop action that ends in a pulverizing, humiliating defeat! Time: 17 minutes / 88.2 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-235 "AGGRESSIVE AMAZONS" (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match will delight those who like tall girls.  Annette and Jade are both sleek and fast and look like they're fit for the jungle.  In fact with their leg holds, they're obviously used to spending a lot of time in the bush! Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 79.4 Mb / Format ...
FB-236 "LAS VEGAS BRAWLERS" (14 1/2 mins.)
 Pom Pom Polly takes on Luscious Linnette in a wildly exciting bout.  Pom Pom comes on the scene threatening to wrap her pom poms around linnette's neck, but Linnette has a few tricks of her own that Polly never learned. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 72.9 Mb / Format .wmv ...
 Chelsea and Nicole square off in a brawl that starts over a stolen wallet and ends in a whimpering, tearful apology. Time: 13  minutes / 66.2 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-238 "DEADLY ENEMIES" (15 1/2 mins.)
 Treasure, a dream-built Southern California blonde body builder, meets the awesome Diana in a fierce struggle that starts before the introductions are even finished! Abuse to the max! Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 79 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-239   "FIERY VIXENS"     (17 mins.)   85.5 MB
 Leslie finds out that Kim has tried on her swimsuit without permission and wants to teach her a lesson. Leslie's "aerial pulverizer", is a sight to behold as she drops her full body weight on her opponent from a height of four feet!  Non stop action you won't want to mis...
FB-240 "BATTLING WILDCATS" (12 mins.)
 Roxy meets Chantel in a bitter fight.  Pound-for-pound, these small grapplers are the toughest around!  Both girls have trained hard, and it shows as they're ready to kick some butt!  Plenty of aerial flips and bruising slams that end in humiliating defeat for the loser! ...
FB-241 "DANGEROUS CURVES" (15 1/2 mins.)
 Thrasher vows quick victory over Leslie, but Leslie has other ideas!  These girls are strong and flip each other around the arena like rubber balls;  Deadlocks, airplane spins and body slams galore and close body contact - leading up to a sobbing apologetic defeat! Time: 15 1/2 mi...
FB-242 "MAT MAYHEM" (14 1/2 mins.)
  Two middle weight maulers, brunette Kristal and blonde Chante bruise their way to through a real catfight. They're snarling, clawing confrontation is one of the best we've seen. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 72.8 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-243 "TELL ME WHEN IT FEELS GOOD!" (15 1/2 mins.)
 Chastity faces off against Monica in a hotly contested match.  Both babes are built for brawling, and the match ends in a sniveling, whimpering defeat. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 78.7 Mb / Format .wmv ...
 Sweet Savage meets Jessica in a face grinding marathon.  To the victor go the spoils - to the loser, agonizing humiliation! Time: 14 minutes / 71.6 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-245 "Black and Brutal" (16 1/2 mins.)
 Sweet Savage sees a bathing suit she loves, but Anna puts it on first and Sweet Savage has to get it by brute force.  There's lots of slapping until Sweet Savage discovers her nail polish on Anna's toes!  Now the girls start ripping everything in sight. Time: 16 1/2 minute...

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