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FB-201 "THE WINNER TAKES ALL"  (14 mins.)
 Here is a fem-fight feast! Two tough, talented newcomers, Monique and Sunny, make their ring debut. Each gal Is beautiful, buffed and bad. The energy of their bout is climaxed by a mortifying surrender, as the loser is forced to kiss the feet of her victorious opponent! Time: 14 minute...
FB-202 "LETHAL LADIES"  (13 1/2 mins.)
 Two snarling vixens, Tara and Pepper, go to the mat to settle an argument.  A good old fashion blond vs brunette cat fight, with plenty of skin-to-skin tussling and a bonanza of hair pulling.  Ends in a thoroughly degrading defeat! Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 68.5 Mb / Format .wmv...
FB-203 "DISORDERLY CONDUCT"  (15 mins.)
 This match features the hard bodied Chastidy against street wise Leslie.  In mid-bout, one gal actually ties her opponent with her own bikini, controlling her like a roped calf.  But the match doesn't end there - a few more surprises fill the bill until it climaxes in a scintilla...
FB-204  "THE SAVAGE SISTERS"  (15 mins.)
 Two awesomely built sisters, Dawn and Killer Kelly, go to the mat to settle their sibling rivalry.  Their first ever professional confrontation becomes a barely legal brawl. Time: 15 minutes / 77.2 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-205 "TWIN PIQUES"  (14 mins.)
 Brandy and Randy are not only gorgeous, tanned and built to stop traffic.  Its a hair pulling, screaming, watching catfight that ends with the loser's apology and whimpering submission! Time: 14 minutes / 71.8 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-206 "RETALIATION"  (14 1/2 mins.)
 This match features a confrontation between two of the sport's meanest mat maidens - the D-Cup Domina Quisha and Luscious Liz.  Both beauties have paid some heavy dues in the ring, and their skills proves it! Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 74.7 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-207 "ARE YOU FLAMING NOW?" (12 mins.)
 Busty Flame returns to the ring to meet veteran Leslie.  Flame, with her bizarre make-up, attire and flaming red hair arouses the ire of many of her opponents.  No exception here -climaxed with the victor actually hog-tying her opponent with her own stocking. Time: 12 minutes /&nb...
FB-208 "SCISSORS TORMENT" (14 mins.)
 Two newcomers, Susy and Melody,  are served up for your pleasure:  Their animosity for each other is instantaneous, and provides the fuel for an exceptional bout, with plenty of scissors, and the kind of excitement that is the trade mark of newcomer matches! Time: 14 minutes /&nbs...
FB-209 "LEG SPREAD TORTURE" (15 mins.)
 This match features Tiffany vs Jessica.  Two beautiful demure looking opponents - but don't let appearances deceive you... they have state-of-the-art bodies.  Hair pulling, scratching, you name it.  All this, plus a " textbook" victory - with an absolutely mor...
FB-210 "THE KILLER INSTINCT"  (14 1/2 mins.)
 Killer Kelly  faces off against Randy.  Both are new to the sport, but still exhibit the ferocity and blood-thirsty instincts of eager novices.  A real treat, with plenty of face sitting, hair pulling and slapping. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 75.2 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-211 "BEAUTIFUL AND DEADLY" (17 1/2 mins.)
 Candy and Paige are two ex-models turned wrestlers.  Their leg measurements are identical; so is their reach, and their, height and weight are within fractions of each other!  Result?  A great, down to the wire match!  These hard bodies beauties, with their long lethal legs...
FB-212 "KISS MY TOES" (9 mins.)
 We present Nancy and Randy who are built beyond belief!  The two stacked sexpots punish each other until the victor hands a painful, humiliating defeat to her opponent! Time: 9 minutes / 46.1 Mb / Format .wmv ...
 JADE and NANCY, spice up the cards with a salt & pepper slugfest.  Their confrontation is a blur of bone-crunching moves and holds, and the matter of who is the best is "as simple as black and white. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 78.4 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-214 "MAYHEM IN MINI SKIRTS" (13 mins.)
 SUSIE meets the metro-lynx LESLIE in a battle fought in skimpy little micro-mini skirts!  The fury of Flesh-on-flesh makes for a real feast for the eyes as these lionesses prowl the arena in search of victory! Time: 13 minutes / 67.5 Mb / Format .wmv ...
FB-215 "I'LL BREAK YOUR TOES!" (15 mins.)
 Destruction comes in double-doses and it's served in overflowing D-cups!  Vicious VALERIE and BONNIE, the queens of cleavage, clash in a crunching free-for-all that will keep you abreast for the hottest new talent in the top-heavy department.  Both bombshells are built to last, a...

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