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GGC-221 "DEADLY REUNION" (61 minutes)

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GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes)
GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes) GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes) GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes) GGC-221   "DEADLY REUNION"   (61 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Sally, Jill, Diane, Christene
Price: $24.00

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    This heated match starts in a living-room setting as Sally (MISS 1989 U. S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), accuses Jill of doing an unspeakable act.  Soon, two beautiful bodies in skimpy bikinis collide as a one-sided cat fight erupts with many wrestling holds as well as well placed and insulting spankings.  High-lighting this video is extraordinary close-up camera work including numerous shots of leg spaying, excruciating pro holds, body slams, stomach stomps, airplane spins, and much more.  The finish finds one humiliated loser in an embarrassing position as the winner adds insult to injury.  This is a truly dominating, must see match.
    The second match is fired up by Diane taking money from Christine's (1986 PENTHOUSE PET of the MONTH) purse.  These two vixens give a new meaning to erotic wrestling at its best as they take pleasure in hitting, slapping, and kicking one another.  As they go breast to breast in combat these spitfires give non-stop action to the viewer.  Humiliation pushes one to victory leaving the loser wimpering in total degradation.  This match is truly a dramatic display of female wrestling at its finest!

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