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GGC-153 "DYNASTY" (56 minutes)

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GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes)
GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes) GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes) GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes) GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes) GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes) GGC-153   "DYNASTY"   (56 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Shelly, Kim, Crystal, Stevie
Price: $24.00

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    This brand new topless DVD features a glamorous ring fantasy fight and an exquisite blonde newcomer in a desperate bare bosomed battle.  Our "Dynasty" fantasy shows big busted Shelly meeting slim Kim in a dressing room and arguing over a mutual boyfriend named Frank who evidently bought both girls new shoes and Kim a bejeweled anklet.  The friction erupts to a wrestling challenge that has both girls moving to the squared circle to settle their differences.  Two bombastic babes in expensive furs and silk dresses enter the ring, drop their furs, and collide in dresses and heels.  Kim, in a white dress, battles the larger Shelly with all her might and more head scissors are applied than you've seen in a long time.  Shelly's gold top is ripped to her waist and her huge breasts are both used as a weapon against Kim and also are punished by the smaller blonde.  Finally, one silky creature is battered and beaten and the victor takes the spoils, both Frank and the anklet.
    Next, a sweet-faced blonde newcomer named Crystal, in a leopard blue bikini faces off with red bikinied and athletic Stevie.  In a matter of minutes both girls are left only in their brief bottoms as they viciously wrestle from post to post, and rope to rope.  Crystal's delicate body seems no match for Stevie's brazen attack as her trim torso is subjected to the crafty holds learned in hours of fierce combat.  But nature gives us all the will to survive, and Crystal seems to explode with fury in a two fisted survival attack.  One beauty is laid out flat as a crushing finish ends her dreams of victory.  A great new DVD for lovers of aggressive beautiful women.

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