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GGC-144 "BUSTY BITCHES" (57 minutes)

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GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes)
GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes) GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes) GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes) GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes) GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes) GGC-144   "BUSTY BITCHES"   (57 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Kim, Pam, Sue, Cindy, Stevie
Price: $24.00

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     Three terrific matches highlight this mostly topless DVD.  In the first bout two of Golden Girl's most sensationally built blondes tangle in a bare to the waist war.  If you've fantasized how Kim and Pam would look stripped to a tiny bottom then we've answered your dreams.  Kim starts in a leopard bikini and bronzed Pam begins in an erotic black and white fringed two piecer.  Perfect breasts are pounded to the mat and straining muscles accentuate the perfect proportions of both athletic but petite blondes.  The lens fogging match ends with the loser's head and chest hopelessly draped over the mat's edge.
    Then follows another sexy match as sweet Sue's lavender top falls prey to Kim's long nails. Kim's tri-color bikini is shredded from her body and the two lithe she-cats battle fearlessly all over the ring.  Nipples stand erect as the strenuous excitement of the struggle brings out all the juices in both girls as they claw their way to a screaming end with the winner applying a head and neck crushing scissors.
    The third bout is a bikini match with "Sweet Savage" Cindy sporting a striped black and yellow bikini doing battle with pink clad Stevie.  Both combatants are quick with their moves and vast in their knowledge of holds and counter holds.  Flying mares abound in the action and strong legs wreck havoc with bone crushing scissors holds.  The action is non-stop until one beautiful battler can stand no more and the other is exhilarated with the feeling of victory.  A beautiful DVD with beautiful girls.

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