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GGC-142 "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" (56 minutes)

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GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes)
GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes) GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes) GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes) GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes) GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes) GGC-142   "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (56 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Belinda, Jill, Patti, Robin, Sue, Dorothy, Kat, Belinda
Price: $24.00

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     Four matches on this one!  First Belinda and Jill enter the ring with long dresses, hose and garter belts in an unusual topless battle.  Jill, in a pink dress, soon has busty Belinda's gown around her waist and the fight continues with silky garments used to choke creamy necks.  A combination of apartment house fighting tactics only used in a bare breasted ring situation, a fantasy match of two competitive females.
    The second match is a rematch of a battle in our last supplement wherein Patti, in a red and black bikini thinks she now can whip Robin, our blonde "California Doll".  Robin shows why her four years on the mat has not been wasted against the improved and potent Patti.
   Then comes a classy combination.  Sweet blonde Sue battles Dorothy, our new dark haired vixen with the body of a voluptuous woman and the face of a teenager.  The white bikinied Sue enjoys finally battling a girl her own size.  Although not a topless match, the ferocity of the battle exposes perfect bosoms from time to time as the tiny bikinis are stretched and pulled from the heat of battle.
    The fourth match pits another neophyte, Kat against beautiful Belinda.  With a tattoo below her left shoulder and hair which falls almost to her knees, Kat is one of the most unusual looking girls ever to climb into our ring.  Belinda uses Kat's long tresses as a weapon against their owner as Belinda has little regard for Kat's inexperience in the ring.  A four match DVD with a little different fight for almost everyone's taste.

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