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GGC-117 "ONSLAUGHT" (61 minutes)

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GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes)
GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes) GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes) GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes) GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes) GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes) GGC-117   "ONSLAUGHT"   (61 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Shelly, Stevie, Mindy, Terri, Sue, Leora, Kim, Shannon
Price: $24.00

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    This DVD features a violent half hour topless tag melee and then two bikini battles featuring gorgeous blondes.  The blue and white striped duo of tough Shelly and spirited Stevie battle pale suited Terri and Mindy.  What a holocaust as a pair of beautiful busts are soon banging around the mat.  Shelly is her usual self and her partner soon mimics her savage tactics. The gorgeous dark haired girls gang up on Stevie at one point before Shelly can rescue her.  Mindy suffered a broken nose during this match, and after viewing the action, you'll see why.
    The second match puts blonde Sue in a canary bikini against honey blonde and black outfitted Leora.  The small newcomer proves to be a wildcat in disguise and whips golden blonde Sue in a savage beating.  During this one-sided match Leora swings Sue and drops her, leaving Sue half-conscious. Then she seems to delight in further battering our perfectly proportioned blonde.
    The third match features the return of gorgeous Kim in a black and white bikini against red outfitted buxom Shannon.  Kim hasn't forgotten her ring savvy in her return, but never has faced so powerful an opponent as Shannon.  Many good holds in this all out contest.  This 60 minute DVD will be an all time favorite.

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