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GGC-100 "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL" (61 minutes)

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GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes)
GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes) GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes) GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes) GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes) GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes) GGC-100   "ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"   (61 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Jill, Sue, Belinda, Debbie, Connie, Kelly, Terri, Shelly
Price: $25.00

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      We have made this spectacular DVD for our #100 DVD, also as a special anniversary DVD, marking our third year of bringing you the most realistic female fighters in the truest color and sound produced by anyone.  Four violent topless ring matches grace this DVD, with eight of the most beautiful girls ever to go in to a wrestling ring. Dark haired and well built Jill returns to do battle with our sweet blonde, Sue.  In over twenty matches Sue has never lost her top, but Jill grabs Sue's blue bikini top at the beginning of the match, exposing the blonde's perfect breasts for the very first time. A real battle ensues as first Sue tries to cover up and then, realizing her top is gone for good, attacks the brunette in a raging frenzy.
    Then a wildcat of a match between red clad Belinda and cream outfitted Debbie. This topless match is one of the fiercest yet filmed as you will witness the fierce real action of two hate filled girls.
    Then huge busted newcomer Connie has her sexy gold and black suit mangled by blue bikinied amazon, Kelly.  You would think Connie's top heavy frame would stop her from being a true fighter, but she tears at pretty Kelly's topless body with a vengeance.
    In the final match two more tough but gorgeous neophytes bare their boobs in another tough, aggressive match. Cream colored suited Terri tangles with multi colored outfitted Shelly in a violent struggle.  More ability here than you'd imagine as these two toughies grab and tear their way into the violent world of Golden Girls.  This DVD will soon be a classic as nowhere can you combine our picture quality with violent beautiful women, battling for real.  Four topless tussles for the price of two!

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