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FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes)

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FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes)
FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes) FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes) FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes) FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes) FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes) FB-103 "GARTERS and LACE" (53 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Susan, Holly, Rosemary
Price: $19.00

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    Newcomer Susan, tall, tan and glisteningly wet from her shower, makes her wrestling debut as she tangles with exotic Holly.  Not enough clothing here to mention, just a teeny g-string and see-thru lace panties and bra.  Holly's bra is soon ripped away as she is over powered by this gorgeous, almost nude gladiator.  Beautiful breasts are mauled and squeezed, flawless fannies are spanked, and beautiful faces are smothered.  The battle reaches a violent crescendo as the humiliated loser lies beaten and tied up.
   Next, frilly garters on creamy thighs, lacy panties on tight bottoms and voluptuous breasts in teeny bras highlight this ultra sensuous she-cat battle featuring Rosemary and Holly.  Long fingernails scratch and claw each others' forbidden zones.  As the sexy bras go flying, beautiful bodies twist and turn into compromising positions until one sexy feline has the perfect victory and gloats over the defeated sobbing loser.
   The third battle begins as innocent Rosemary, clad in a white lace teddy, catches our curvaceous, g-stringed, well toned Susan invading the privacy of her own personal space.  Susan's temper flares when Rosemary challenges her morals.  Lace is torn and discarded as one beautiful Amazon is totally determined to exhibit her superiority.  Exquisite camera angles give you a birds eye view and capture every titillating, fanny spanking moment.  This is surely the most erotic, spine tingling contest ever captured on video.

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