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DG-2 "DOUBLE GOLD # 2" (61 minutes

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DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes
DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes DG-2   "DOUBLE GOLD # 2"   (61 minutes
Golden Girls Talent:  Kimberly, Littlest Angle, Julie, Maria, Spice, Brandi
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   It was bound to happen!  GOLDEN GIRLS and DOUBLE TROUBLE filmed together at GOLDEN GIRLS gym to produce two exciting new female combat DVDs.  The staff at GOLDEN GIRLS  tweaked-up  their cameras.  The girls, with their violent and vibrant fighting, cleared the cobwebs from the ring with mares throws, leg scissors, stomach punching, figure four leg locks, back breakers, body slams, choking, hair pulling, and turnbuckle to turnbuckle action.
   Kimberly starts this DVD off by attacking the beautiful Littlest Angle before she even gets her shoes off. This young hard body means business.   Kimberly attacks relentlessly, using chokeholds and hair pulling,
until she gets her victim tied against the ropes and choked into unconsciousness.
   In the next match pert Julie takes on another newcomer, Maria.  Julie administers a lot of scissors holds on both her waist and neck until Maris's sleek body is withering in pain.
   The best is for the last.  A real slam-bang wrestle off featuring two of the best!  Spice against Brandi, who thinks she's the best.   Brandi is new to us but not new to wrestling.  Spice in her leopard one-piece looks better than ever, with more cuts and definition than usual.  The girls face off and Spice cockily goes after her opponent but to her dismay finds this girl can wrestle.  Brandy flips Spice and thus begins a fierce battle.
    A fabulous pair of DVDs by the two best female combat companies ever.

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