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GGC-49 "RING RIOT" (50 minutes)

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GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes)
GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes) GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes) GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes) GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes) GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes) GGC-49   "RING RIOT"   (50 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Leslie, Nancy, Cindy, Robin
Price: $24.00

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    This dynamite DVD features the arrogant and tough Leslie in two all-out matches featuring pro-style moves and plain old feminine flailing.  In the first match, baby blue bikinied Leslie has it out with her blonde adversary, Nancy who makes her candy striped suit the only sweetness she dishes out for the whole match.  Plenty of your favorite holds here, as these two know their way around a ring.  Nancy looks like a blonde, tanned, jungle cat as she flips and throws the bewildered Leslie.  Can a gorgeous girl wrestle?  You bet.
   In the second match, powerful Cindy battles the bikinied Leslie in a two of three fall contest with referee.  Cindy, who is a Hollywood Stunt woman, gave the brazen Spice a hell of a match and in this one she proves it was no fluke. Clad in a brown one piece glamour suit, she and Leslie fill the air with dropkicks and flips, and these two powerful amazons take turns punishing each other.  One wins the final fall, but we'll guarantee you the loser will be back for revenge.
    Then comes an exciting rematch between pink bikini clad Robin and the tough tiger, Leslie, in a blue bikini outfit.  These girls wrestle all over Southern California and they're really into the action.  Leslie, of course, was featured in the mud wrestling sequence of "All The Marbles" and is a real brutal competitor, but don't let Robin's California Girl appearance fool you.  You don't want to miss this DVD.

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