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GGC-45 "AMATEURS IN ACTION" (53 minutes)

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GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes)
GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes) GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes) GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes) GGC-45   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (53 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Spice, Leslie, Cindy
Price: $24.00

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      Our two largest and strongest girls, Spice and Leslie , go to the mat in identical gold bikinis in the first match on this DVD.  Spice has longer, darker hair and is easily distinguishable from the lighter haired, athletic Leslie.  These two battle it out with some of the wildest struggling we've ever had in our Golden Girl Gymnasium.  Both beauties have learned a great number of holds over the past year and each knows how to punish the other.  This match went non-stop for over twenty-five minutes as the Amazons delighted in torturing each other.  Find out who's day it was to win.
    The second match features a fresh newcomer, Cindy, to our Golden Girls ring.  In a striped leotard with a "V" cut all the way to the waist, Cindy has a lot of surprises for the blue bikinied Spice.  Cindy is a Hollywood stunt woman, and has done much of the ring work for the major film, "All the Marbles".  She knows how to dropkick, as Spice will testify to and this match turned into one of our most intense struggles ever.  Beauty and strength in this dramatic match and we're sure you will enjoy this DVD offering two hard fought matches between real amateur grapplers.

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