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GGC-178 "FLYING FURY" (54 minutes)

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GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes)
GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes) GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes) GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes) GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes) GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes) GGC-178   "FLYING FURY"   (54 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Tamayo, Charlie (Golden Katt), Belinda, Spice, Sheran
Price: $24.00

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     Now for the semi-pro fans comes newcomer Tamayo, with oriental heritage, long raven hair, boots, a form fitting white suit and seasoned wrestling knowledge to battle big and bad Charlie, "The Golden Cat".  Wearing a blue swimsuit, boots and white handball gloves, Charlie looks menacing to the smaller Jap, but Tamayo is a talented grappler and a solid pro-style bout follows. Just as her Japanese sister pros dish out punishment, so does our sensational new star amaze the bigger Charlie with her acrobatic movements.  Charlie punishes the oriental girl with savage kicks and superior weight and you can't guess which style will win the day.
    Then comes a great bikini bout between green bikinied Belinda and cerise suited Spice. Two of our greatest girls ever give you a lesson in leglocks and scissors holds.  Spice is slightly larger but you can rely on bountiful Belinda to give any amateur in the world today a lesson in pro moves and lightning like reflexes.  Beautiful muscular bodies are covered with glistening sweat as they battle to a submission.
    The last match features booted "Golden Cat" and pretty blonde neophyte Sheran in a wrestling lesson.  Sheran, in a blue and red suit, and also barefoot at times looks like a punching bag as bad Charlie pummels the sweet looking blonde with fist and boots.  Sheran fights back and startles the giant with some newly acquired moves of her own and the battle ends with a bitter beaten loser, through for the day.  Big girls and pretty girls in pro-style classic action.

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