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GGC-138 "PULVERIZING PROS" (45 minutes)

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GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes)
GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes) GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes) GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes) GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes) GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes) GGC-138   "PULVERIZING PROS"   (45 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Marie LaVerne, Kay Noble, Belinda, Shelly
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     The professional girls return to the Golden Girls own arena in this new exciting DVD.  At great expense we flew Marie LaVerne and Kay Noble to California from their Texas homes especially for this slam-bang ring riot!  To professional fans these are two of the most famous names ever to wrestle, and Kay is making her first appearance in a studio match.  The first match pits an amateur and a pro on each side and we believe its the first time ever that a Pro/Am Tag Team has been filmed.  Marie, in a white suit pairs with dark blue suited Belinda versus Kay in a light blue toggery and red outfitted Shelly.  The two amateurs have been in intense training and you'll be amazed at their ability to trade holds with these ring-wise pros.  The match features excruciating pro holds and intense action all the way to an unusual finish.
    Then the two pros go at it in an action packed single match.  Kay has always been known as Girl Wrestling's most high-flying participant and shows Marie, famous in the 70's for being wrestling's most beautiful girl, why she has earned the reputation.  Almost exhausted from their violent tag team match, these two go for almost eighteen minutes to see which seasoned pro really is the better woman.  Nowhere will you see as beautiful amateurs with just their own egos at stake.  A definite must for every serious collector of the finest in female combat.

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