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GGC-199 "POWER HOUSE" (54 minutes)

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GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes)
GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes) GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes) GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes) GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes) GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes) GGC-199   "POWER HOUSE"   (54 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Spice, Charlie (Golden Katt), Quiche, Leora, Lisa
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     This fantastic new DVD is definitely another Golden Girls' classic featuring three wild and exciting matches.  In the first terrific match our well-muscled Spice in pink and green takes on Charlie, "The Golden Cat", in multi-colored bikini bottoms with a sexy black top.  Both of these dynamite beauties have trained to be pro wrestlers and possess incredible feminine beauty and muscularity.  Laughing and taunting her opponent from the outset, Spice's upper body strength is immediately evident as she drops Charlie to her knees.  Charlie, responding typically like the pro she is, applies full nelsons, body scissors, and keester bumps.  You'll readily appreciate the power unleashed in this mighty clash as muscles ripple and veins pop into view.  Kept in doubt until the final moments of this outstanding match, you'll view the loser doubled over with her beautifully rounded butt displayed in full view.  Screaming and sobbing, she immediately submits.     Next Quiche, one of our meanest she-cats in yellow takes on the agile Leora in white.  Both of these beauties have the firmest and most shapely legs and derrieres imaginable.  These two wildcats take turns in punishing each other with a wide array of pro holds.  An extremely violent hold leaves the exhausted loser angry and injured.
    In the final match, wild and exotic Lisa does battle with the black gloved "Golden Cat". The match appears to be one-sided as the valiant Cat literally thrashes Lisa from head to toe.  The ferocity of this match will shock you. Three brutal matches that will leave you breathless!

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